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JCCC4: Labadee, Cabanas, and More (XXXXXX) (Wed, 05 Feb 2014)

The Home Office is a blur of activity as we steam towards our February 23 embarkation date: lists are being quintuple-checked, things are being shipped from all over the U.S. down to Florida, splines are being reticulated. And we have several new, important announcements to share:


At long last, we have information on Labadee–and, especially, the cabanas–to share with you.

To start, it's helpful to take a look at this map of Labadee:
(note: it may not be quite as helpful to read the accompanying copy)

Labadee is RCI's private, self-contained resort on Haiti. (For experienced Sea Monkeys, it's similar to CocoCay and Half Moon Cay from previous cruises.) There are a several beaches to choose from, activities galore, locally-run shopping areas, buffet lunch, and more. And the best part is, the Independence will be the only ship there that day, so we've got the run of the place (so to speak).

Based on our site inspection, we've determined that the two “best” areas—the two beaches we recommend everyone going ashore seek out—are Adrenaline Beach and Columbus Cove. Columbus Cove has many water activities (trampoline, things to climb, generally a more “active beach”) as well as shaded areas close by, for those of us who don't care for the “Bright Angry Sky Fire Orb”. Adrenaline Beach is longer, slightly more sedate (ironic!), and has numerous “clamshell” lounges (available for free on a first-come, first-served basis), plus neato “sofa cabanas(1).” (More on those in the next section.) Also, drink service will be available on Adrenaline Beach, whether or not you’re in a sofa cabana. Shuttle service runs to and from both areas from the central landing area all day long.

For both beaches we recommend that Sea Monkeys congregate at the ends farthest from the ship. There will generally be more room the farther from the ship you get and the Resort Manager has kindly offered to “stack” a number of the aforementioned “clamshell” lounges towards the far end of adrenaline beach for us. You may, of course, go anywhere you like, but, if you want to hang out with the larger group, the far ends of those two beaches are your best bets.


Now, about those cabanas… Adrenaline Beach has a bunch of “sofa cabanas,” with comfy seating for up to 6 people, coolers of bottled water, towels, and two complimentary floating mats. They are also pretty much the only shaded areas on Adrenaline Beach. These are what they look like: The cabanas are available for $225. Also, handily, they have ALL been reserved for JCCC.

Because there are so many more Sea Monkeys than cabanas, we are going to distribute them by random drawing, as we did last year. If you are interested in booking one of the Adrenaline Beach cabanas for $225, please submit your entry via this form:
…before Sunday, February 9 at 7 pm EST. (You’ll be prompted to log in to your JCCC User Account if you aren’t already. One entry per User Account. Duplicate entries will be deleted prior to selection. Anyone determined to be attempting to “stuff the ballot box” will be disqualified.)

Once entries are closed, we will randomly select from the pool of entries. Cabanas will be distributed in order of selection until we run out of cabanas; subsequent names will be placed on a wait list, in order of selection. If you are selected to receive a cabana, your booking will be listed as the “main contact” for the cabana, and it will be reserved under and charged to your RCI onboard account.

Cabanas can have up to 6 total occupants; if you are selected to receive a cabana, you will need to notify JCCC with your complete list of guests (names and RCI booking numbers) by Friday, February 15 at 1 pm EST. (If you “win” a cabana, we will forward you a link to a form to use to submit this info.) Any payment arrangements you make with your guests must be done directly with them; JCCC and RCI cannot “split” a cabana cost among multiple bookings.

(NOTE: we apologize for how long this has taken. Due to a miscommunication on RCI's end, we had not been able to reserve any of the cabanas on Nellie's Beach, as we had originally hoped to do. We had spent until now working with RCI to try to find a solution to this issue, which we could not. We have every hope of rectifying this on future cruises. Hint hint…)


Dig this: JCCC4 is going to have its very own beer. Well, technically, three of them. Mystery Brewing Company (owned and operated by veteran Sea Monkey Erik Myers), in conjunction with Greater Than Games (makers of “Sentinels of the Multiverse”, which was play-tested aboard JCCC1 by Sea Monkey Christopher Badell), are pleased to be the Official Beer Sponsors of JCCC4!

And what does that mean to you? Two words: free beer. One more hyphenated word: custom-brewed. That’s right: three different custom JCCC beers will be given out to Sea Monkeys(2) at the two JCCC4 open bar cocktail receptions:

  • Ball Pit IPA. You can’t jump into the bottle, but it’s just as fun as its namesake.
  • Millionaire Girlfriend Honey Wheat. Your second sweetheart.
  • Large House Blend Chocolate Breakfast Stout. ‘nuff said.

And here’s what they look like, clad in their Greater Than Games-conceived artwork (!!!):

In addition to Mystery Brewing and Greater Than Games, we’d also like to again thank our other colossal, charming, and good-hearted sponsors: Cards Against Humanity, Steve Jackson Games, and ThinkGeek. PLUS…an additional shout-out to Valve, who have teamed up with ThinkGeek to provide some limited-edition goodness. (Sorry, no spoilers.)


We are sad to announce that Tig Notaro has had to cancel her appearance on JCCC4. While we are very sorry to not have her as part of this year's performer lineup, we understand that, to put it simply, these things sometimes happen in “showbiz.” We wish her the very best, and hope to be able to include her on a future JCCC.


We have an extension to confirm Shore Excursion bookings as we try to add people to the list from our waitlists. You’ll receive final booking confirmation ASAP. (The good news is, the reason for the delay is because we are working to accommodate most, if not quite all, of the people on the wait lists.)


Due to the intense personal autonomy theme of Royal Caribbean Ship Names and the Home Office’s aforementioned steam-activity-blur, you may have noticed us referring to our ship, the INDEPENDENCE OF THE SEAS, by another, incorrect, name. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but an INDEPENDENCE OF THE SEAS by any other name would be an identical looking ship that you shouldn’t get on because JCCC4 takes place on the INDEPENDENCE OF THE SEAS.

18 DAYS!
–The Home Office

(1) the hottest spot north of Havana
(2) must be at least 21 years of age

JCCC4: 19 Days! (XXXXX) (Tue, 04 Feb 2014)

Hi there, Sea Monkey! We cannot wait to see you onboard the Freedom of the Seas. Below are some important reminders. Please read through this email and make sure everything is taken care of.


Please makes sure that your passports and other travel documents are in order! You can find all the information about required documents on Royal Caribbean's web site:


If you have not already done so, you should be sure to go through RCI’s Online Check-In process and print out your SetSail Passes, which you can do until four days prior to sailing. This will save you a bunch of time on the morning of the cruise; because otherwise, you will have to check in manually at the cruise port, which involves having to WRITE A BUNCH OF THINGS on ACTUAL PIECES OF PAPER like some sort of CAVEPERSON.

You can check in here:

You'll find a box on the upper-right hand side of the page where you can enter your data and begin check-in. Along with your booking number and last name, you'll need to fill in some additional information. Date of Departure is February 23, 2014. Ship Name is Independence of the Seas. Enter your last name as it appears on your booking (XXXXX) and your reservation number as it appears here: XXXXXX.


If you have special needs (dietary, CPAP machine, allergies, etc.), please fill out the form here:
NOTE: You must submit special needs requests to RCI directly. JCCC cannot process these requests. RCI must handle them.


You may be noticing a pattern with the ships we’re on and who owns them. Turns out if you sail with Royal Caribbean a lot they give you a bathrobe to wear in your room and other perks, but you need to be a member of their loyalty program, Crown & Anchor, to reap these incredible benefits with your sickle of bathrobes and savings.

Anyway, if you’ve got an C&A number (or want one), here’s the story:

  • If you want to register for a C&A account, or if you haven’t activated your C&A number, you can do so here: Enroll or activate
  • Once you’ve got a C&A online account, you’ll need to log in to their system (if you aren’t already) here. Log in
  • If you’ve already added your C&A number for JCCC4, you’ll see a “Countdown to Your Next Cruise” box on the left-hand side of the window, with JCCC4’s info in it. If you DON’T see that, then you need to add the cruise, which you can do at the link below. It will require your RCI Booking Number (XXXXXX) and your last name as it appears on your reservation (XXXXX). Date of Departure is February 23, 2014. Ship Name is Independence of the Seas.

In order to guarantee a seamless arrival for you onboard the Independence of the Seas, we’d like to double check a few things about your booking.

BED CONFIGURATION (current preference listed: XXXXX)

Most staterooms onboard the Freedom of the Seas contain two beds. The beds can be configured as two twins, or pushed together into a single bed of twice the size. You indicated you'd like your beds XXXXX. If this is how you'd like them, no action is required. If this is incorrect, please respond to this email by Friday, February 7. We ask that you not respond if this information is correct, as we receive quite a lot of emails already (we’re glad that we got it right though!).


Your name is listed as: XXXXX (note: only first and last names are listed here) Other passenger(s) listed on your booking: XXXXX


  1. There are exactly X guests in your booking, no more, no fewer.
  2. The spelling of your name matches your legal documents exactly.
  3. The spelling of the other passengers first and last names matches their legal documents exactly. (Note: if your other passengers have signed up for a user account, they too have received a copy of this message, nevertheless if you notice an error, we ask that you respond, copying them).
  4. There are no dummy names listed on your booking.

If any changes must be made, please reply to this email by Friday, February 7. If another passenger's name is misspelled, please copy them in your reply to us. If you wish to add or delete passengers, please do so ASAP, we soon will not be able to make changes.

We ask that you not respond if this information is correct, as we receive quite a lot of emails already.


If you have signed up for a shore excursion through JCCC, you should have received a confirmation email from us recently. If you believe you were signed up for one and didn’t receive said confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible (by replying to this email). We want to make sure nobody gets missed in this process (which is a new one for us this year).

Finally, we've received many emails with changes to shore excursion bookings. Expect to receive an updated Shore Excursion Booking confirmation tomorrow, if you're booked for any shore excursions. Bookings will be finalized on Thursday, after which we will be unable to make changes to existing bookings or offer refunds.

JCCC4: Name Badge and Shore Excursions - DEADLINE MONDAY NIGHT (XXXXXX) (Sat, 25 Jan 2014)

Good evening loyal Sea Monkeys,

The deadlines for submitting names for your Custom Engraved JCCC Badge and registering for Sea Monkey Exclusive Shore Excursions are fast approaching! We will be accepting submissions through Monday night.


If you have a specific/unique name preference for your JCCC badge, sign into your user account and let us know here (NOTE: each passenger in your booking who would like to submit a name for their badge MUST fill out this form themselves via their own user accounts, except for minors):

If you do not supply us with a name preference by Monday night, we’ll print your first name as it’s listed on your booking. (So if you’re okay with that, no need to fill out the form.)


We’ll be shutting down booking for the Sea Monkey shore excursions Monday night, so act fast if you want to be on shore excursions populated 100% by Sea Monkeys. After Monday night, you will still be able to sign up for Royal Caribbean’s “regular” excursions (via RCI’s site), but YMMV.

More spaces for Dragon’s Breath Flight Line
Due to intense interest, 12 more spots have been made available on the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line. Sign up for the WAIT LIST and if you are one of the first 12 we’ll add you to the excursion. Did you sign up for the wait list already? Then you already have a spot on the excursion!

Sign up at

Labadee Snorkel Safari, and Grand Cayman Reef & Wreck Snorkel
We have not met our mandatory minimums yet to keep these two excursions private. The excursions will still take place either way; but if we don’t meet the minimums, they will be opened up to the “general population” of Independence passengers, and will no longer Sea Monkey-exclusive. Sign up soon if you are interested!

General Shore Excursion Info
If you haven’t already done so, you can register for the JCCC4 Sea Monkey shore excursions at (You’ll be prompted to sign into your user account if you’re not already.) Full list and complete descriptions of the JCCC4 excursions at

Some fine print: Once shore excursion bookings close, we will finalize our list of attendees and send everyone confirmation emails. There will be a period during which you’ll be able to cancel at no penalty, after which your booking will be non-refundable. (Your specific cancellation deadline date will be included in your confirmation email.) Please note that excursions are dependent upon the weather and other conditions, and may be cancelled at the discretion the individual tour operators. In such cases, of course, you would not be charged. All shore excursions will be billed to your onboard account on the Independence of the Seas. (That is, to the credit card you put on file with RCI to cover onboard expenses.)


And of course, we would like to thank ALL of our visionary, thoroughly modern, and agile sponsors for helping us make JCCC4 both cruisier and crazier: Greater Than Games, Cards Against Humanity, ThinkGeek and Steve Jackson Games.

JCCC4: Merch Store Closes TODAY (XXXXXX) (Fri, 10 Jan 2014)

The JCCC4 Merchandise Store closes TODAY (well, actually, tomorrow at noon EST)*! Some items will be available onboard at shows and in the ship's store, but the onboard cost will have a significant markup due to the ship store's fees. So act now for the best prices!

Visit and sign into your user account to order!

We've got three amazing bundles, shirts galore, a luxurious towel, a recursive coffee mug, water bottles, challenge coins, lapel pins, patches and more!

Thanks again to our magnanimous sponsors: Greater Than Games, Cards Against Humanity, and ThinkGeek.

*quantities will be limited tomorrow

JCCC4: More Shore Excursions! Merch Store Closes Friday! (XXXXXX) (Wed, 08 Jan 2014)

Hidey Ho there fellow Sea Monkeys,

Since launch, over 300 of you have signed up for shore excursions! Wow! You can register for shore excursions at after signing into your user account. Full list and complete descriptions of the excursions at

It’s an island with a fake sounding name, but the jet skis are real. Jet Ski drivers should register and indicate their passenger (if any, 0 or 1 passengers only) according to the instructions on the form. We've got limited space, so this one may not be online for long! Register:

This isn’t your mom’s snorkel safari (unless your mom is on this trip and coming with you on it or has gone on this trip in years past, which I guess is possible). They’ll put you in a catamaran, they’ll drive you to great places to snorkel, they’ll fit you with gear, they'll even teach you how to snorkel. THEN they’ll give you food to feed the fish and a cocktail when you finish. What’s not to love? Register:

Interest was so high that we’ve had to add a second “Discover Scuba Diving” tour. There are now departures at 10:30am and 12:30pm. If there is a departure you simply MUST be on, or a group from another booking with whom you’d like to be placed (that you didn’t include on your form) please write us. If you are booking it anew and have a preference, let us know which tour you’d like. Register:

We've also added a second “Dragon’s Breath Flight Line” departure, this one at noon (the other is at 11:30am). If there is a departure you simply MUST be on, or a group from another booking with whom you’d like to be placed (that you didn’t include on your form) please write us. If you are booking it anew and have a preference, let us know which tour you’d like. Register:

The JCCC4 Merchandise Store will be closing this Friday (well, actually, Saturday at noon EST)! Some items will be available onboard at shows and in the ship's store, but the onboard cost will have a significant markup due to the ship store's fees. So act now for the best prices!

Visit and sign into your user account to order!

We cannot wait to see you onboard (and on shore)!

The JoCo Cruise Crazy Office Monkeys

JCCC4: Merch Store Closes FRIDAY (XXXXXX) (Mon, 06 Jan 2014)

You heard it here first: the JCCC4 Merchandise Store will be closing this Friday (well, actually, Saturday at noon EST)! Some items will be available onboard at shows and in the ship's store, but the onboard cost will have a significant markup due to the ship store's fees. So act now for the best prices!

and sign into your user account to order!

And, finally, a bit of sad news: because of unexpected manufacturing issues, the JCCC flipflops won't be ready until early April. We are very sorry about this; if you order flip flops, we must ship them to you (at no extra cost to you, of course) when they arrive at the Home Office. We'll collect your shipping address onboard. Please reply to this email if you'd like to modify your order in light of this information.

Anyway, buy now or forever hold your p…
…uns are hard.

The JCCC Merch Monkeys (still hungover from the new year)

P.S. Happy New Year!

JCCC4: Excursions, Merch, WHEATON! (XXXXXX) (Tue, 31 Dec 2013)

Greetings, Holiday-saturated Monkeys!

As you may know, we recently conducted a week-long site inspection of the Independence of the Seas during which we met with the crew, ate the eats, drank the drinks, and otherwise gave it a good all-around tire-kicking.

We’ll have more info and answers to your ship-related questions…Soon™. But for now: we also excursed the excursions, and are happy to report that you may now book Sea Monkey-exclusive shore trips!

That’s right: if you sign up for any of the excursions offered through JCCC, all of your tour-mates will be Sea Monkeys. A full list of our excursions (provisioned through Royal Caribbean) and their descriptions can be found at

Once you’ve selected the excursion(s) you wish to join, you can go to to register. (You will be prompted to log in to your JCCC User Account if you are not already logged in. Please note: if you have not registered for a user account you must do so through a user account invitation email. We will be resending invitations to primary contacts who have not registered today.)

Here are just a couple excursions we went on that we’re particularly excited to offer:

Beach parties on both Grand Cayman and Jamaica!
We get a lot of feedback every year that people love a nice beach experience (like we had on Cococay and Half Moon Cay in years past). Once again, we’ll all have that experience together at RCI’s private resort of Labadee; but for those who love the beach life, we’ve arranged for some optional sand and surf time in Grand Cayman and Jamaica as well. For each excursion, in addition to transportation to and from a private beach, you’ll be greeted with complimentary drinks*, and will be fed a tasty all-you-can-eat island-style BBQ lunch. No worries, no hassles…only beach!

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line Adventure on Labadee
For those who’d like to punctuate their day at Royal Caribbean’s private beach resort with A BIT OF FLYING, Labadee’s got you covered. You’ll be outfitted with special gear that would make Batman jealous, then you’ll put it to use on two flights: a short training run near the beach, then the main flight line, which starts 500 feet above the water and runs nearly a half mile. Thrilling and fun? Very. Scary? Surprisingly not, unless you have a general fear of heights. In which case this could be the perfect opportunity to confront it.

Again, complete details about all the JCCC4 Sea Monkey shore excursions can be found at And, of course, you’re free to explore all of the ports of call on your own, or sign up for the “regular” Royal Caribbean excursions. But for those who just want to step off the ship and know that everything is already pre-arranged and calibrated for the optimal amount of fun, the shore excursions are a great way to go. And experiencing them amongst your fellow Sea Monkeys? Even better.

We are super-excited about the merch we’re offering this year—especially the custom flip-flops and mega-soft towels—with this year’s main Atari-inspired design (developed with the help of ThinkGeek). And while we will have a limited amount of merchandise available for sale on the ship, the only way to guarantee you’ll be sporting a JCCC4 t-shirt, limited-edition challenge coin, or any of the other goodies we’ve whipped up for you is to order now.

We are pleased to announce that potential schedule conflicts have been unconflicted, the relevant stars have been aligned, and the applicable polarities have been reversed. As a result, Wil Wheaton will officially be joining us on JCCC4! In celebration, we plan to have the Independence take part in a Kolvoord Starburst maneuver as we set sail.

If you have friends who have been procrastinating about booking a cabin, by the end of this week we will no longer have any cabins available. And unlike last year, there will be no last-minute discounts. Ya snooze, ya loose!

And if your friends want to attend, but need someone to share a cabin with, there are still people actively seeking cabin-mates (as well as pre- and post-cruise hotel room-mates) on the JCCC Discussion Forums.

And special thanks once again to your JCCC4 Official Sponsors: ThinkGeek, Cards Against Humanity, and Greater Than Games, whose contributions will help us make all the awesome awesomer.

Getting soooo clooooose,

The Home Office

*In Jamaica, drinks are complimentary; in Grand Cayman, there are two different options to choose from: open bar, or one complimentary drink.

JCCC4: Merchandise Store Updated! (XXXXXX) (Tue, 26 Nov 2013)

In response to public feedback, we've made some upgrades to two of the bundles in the JCCC4 Merch Store. The Hoarder Monkey and Core Dump bundles now have a lot more options for selecting an add-on product.

For the Hoarder Monkey Bundle, we've added some options for your final item choice: you may now have your choice of a Coconut Bucket Hat, Coconut Ball Cap, Fez Dolphin T-shirt, Fez Dolphin Polo shirt, or an additional JCCC4 Atari T-shirt. The bundle still only costs $100.

For the Core Dump Bundle, you may now have your choice of ANY TWO of the following items: Fez Dolphin T-shirt, Fez Dolphin Polo Shirt, Coconut Bucket Hat, Coconut Ball Cap, and JCCC4 Atari T-shirt. You may choose any two different items, or two of the same item. The bundle still only costs $170.

If you have already placed an order with us, and wish to change your order, please reply to this email, and we will make the necessary adjustments (please allow a little time to hear back due to the holiday).

The merch store is located at You will need to be signed into your JCCC user account in order to make a purchase.

Thank you,

The Home Office

P.S. For those of you who visited yesterday, we're sorry for the merch store downtime. We were making the changes described above.

JCCC4: Grant Imahara, Merchandise Store, Travel Update (XXXXXX) (Thu, 21 Nov 2013)


We're excited to finally announce our new addition to the JCCC4 performer lineup, Mythbuster Grant Imahara! He's worked for Industrial Light & Magic. He's personally repaired R2-D2 units. He's fought on BattleBots. He's built the robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Peterson for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. And he's been a Mythbuster since 2005. We are thrilled to have him on board, and pray that he doesn't blow up anything while we're at sea (jk NSA overlords).


We're really excited about the products that we've lined up this year! ThinkGeek has designed an awesome T-shirt, we found a way to make custom die cut flip-flops that leave a “JCCC” impression IN THE SAND AS YOU WALK, we've got a mug featuring a picture of Captain JoCo holding a mug featuring a picture of Captain JoCo holding a mug, we have an even better towel. And SO. MUCH. MORE!

We've also got some sweet bundles set up in the store… and… listen: you should just go check it out.


  1. The store link is below. If you're not logged into your JCCC User Account, you will be taken to the login screen and then to the store. For more information about the JCCC User Account system (including your personal sign up link) see the bottom of this message.
  2. Select your items and/or bundles, add them to your cart; you can view your cart using the navigation on the top bar.
  3. When ready to check out, go to your cart; there is a button there to check out via Paypal.
  4. Once your payment is submitted you will receive an email receipt detailing your order. A line item for the order will show up on your JCCC billing statement and a payment of that same amount will be applied against your JCCC balance. Your billing statement will show merch was purchased but not which merch (perfect for gifts to others in your cabin!).
  5. Your order will be available for pickup at registration onboard the Independence of the Seas. (We unfortunately cannot ship your order to you ahead of time.)
  6. If you have any questions you can reply to this email or email

OK… enough talking. Here's the link!

The merch store closes on December 25th so that we can order product and get it on its lengthy journey down to Fort Lauderdale!


If you have not done so yet, now is the time to start making your travel plans to Fort Lauderdale. Airfares will likely continue to rise the closer you get to the cruise date, so we suggest you investigate sooner rather than later.

We do not recommend arriving in Florida on the day of the cruise (Sunday, Feb. 23). However, if you choose to travel to Fort Lauderdale on the day we sail, please be aware that, while the ship sails at 5:30 pm that afternoon, RCI requires all passengers to be on board 90 minutes prior—by 4 pm. Please allow yourself enough time to land, collect baggage, travel to the seaport, and go through the lines at the seaport so you can get on board by 4 pm. We would miss you if you couldn't make it. (And RCI does not wait for tardy passengers; if you're too late, the ship will sail without you.)

Additionally, for traveling home post cruise, RCI suggests you book flights no EARLIER than 11:30 am on Saturday, Mar. 1. While the ship arrives in port very early (5:30 am), and disembarkation can begin very early, you should allow time for customs, collecting baggage, and possible travel delays (JCCC3 arrived slightly late last year; it happens).

Because we are traveling in winter, and weather can be unpredictable—as many of us on JCCC3 learned the hard way—you may want to look into the possibility of getting trip insurance. There are numerous options available; one such option we can recommend is Travel Guard. Travel Guard provides coverage in the event of unforeseen trip expenses due to: trip cancellation, interruption and delay; involuntary job loss; emergency medical treatment and/or evacuation; lost, stolen or damaged baggage or travel documents; or baggage delay. Another advantage is that Travel Guard, unlike some plans, will cover your travel costs as well, not just the cost of the cruise itself.

You can follow this Travel Guard link for complete info and pricing; or you may call them directly at 1-800-454-7107. NOTE: when following the link, after entering your country and state/province of residence, choose “CARIBBEAN” in the destination drop-down menu. When entering your trip cost, be sure to include the cost of your travel.

OTHER NOTE: passengers who live in Minnesota, New Mexico and Texas cannot use the above link, and must call Travel Guard directly at 1-800-454-7107.

You are, of course, not required to get any travel insurance; nor are you required to go through Travel Guard. We just wanted you to be aware of its availability.


All adult passengers on JCCC must create a user account and agree to the Terms and Conditions of sailing. If you have yet to create a user account, you can read more about the user account system here:

And you can create your account here:

JCCC4: 2 Thrilling Updates (Thu, 31 Oct 2013)

Ahoy ahoy, HAPPY HALLOWEEN SEA MONKEYS. Boo. We have two very spooky announcements for you today.

First, let out a ghoulish cackle for THE BENS OF THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR:

We're excited to announce one more addition to our already chock-full-of-awesome roster of entertainers: Ben Acker and Ben Blacker from Thrilling Adventure Hour . In case you don't know, Thrilling Adventure Hour is a staged show in the style of old-time radio that is also a podcast on the Nerdist network. Ben and Ben are the creators and writers, and they've agreed to come up with something specially written for our cruise, to be performed by a cast made up of our other performers. A murder cruise musical? A madcap, hilarious pageant of nautical history? Who knows! While we were unable bring the whole cast of talented Workjuice Players, Paul F. Tompkins is an indispensable regular at these shows, so we've got that going for us. John Hodgman has guest-starred many times, and Paul and Storm, and even wee little Jonathan Coulton have been allowed to say some words on stage sometimes. We're big fans of what the Bens do, and we know they're going to make something unique and wonderful. So welcome aboard Bens! And enjoy, Sea monkeys: now you can go on a cruise vacation, not snorkle, and still get… yup… you know what I'm going to say… THE BENS.

Second, let your inner planning werewolf bare his teeth because WE HAVE MORE HOTEL INFO:

Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel

Well, you guys are pretty crazy; you essentially bought up all our rooms at the Embassy Suites the day we announced them. On the one hand, that's quite impressive; on the other hand, it's frustrating for the many folks who couldn't get rooms in time.

As such, we have been working for the past couple weeks to get new hotel rooms available to you. We can now announce the following new hotel information:

We now have a block of rooms available to us at the Renaissance on the nights of Friday, February 21 and Saturday, February 22 for a discounted rate of $259 per night (plus taxes and fees) for single- through quad-occupancy. Rooms are single-King bed or two Queen beds. Daily parking is available ($25 self-park, $30 valet), and long-term parking while on the cruise is available for $10 per day.

The Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel is less than ½ mile from the Embassy Suites (Google Maps says it's an 8 minute walk); so you can still easily come hang out with the larger group of Sea Monkeys at the Embassy Suites if you wish; in addition to the general informal gathering, the Embassy Suites has a nightly 2-hour open bar (with cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks and light snacks) from 5:30-7:30 pm; non-Embassy guests may join for only $20.

To book at the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel at the JCCC4 Sea Monkey $259/night rate:

  • Book online via this link:
  • Call Renaissance reservations at (800) 468-3571; tell them you are with the “Joco Cruise Crazy group”

Shuttle service is also available via Quick and Safe (954-234-7856) for the following travel legs:

  • FLL to Renaissance - $15 per person
  • Renaissance to cruise port - $6 per person
  • Cruise Port to FLL - $15 per person

Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale - UPDATE

The Embassy Suites has just made an additional small number of rooms available on Saturday, March 1 at the existing JCCC4 discounted rate of $239 per night. Get 'em while they're hot.

Otherwise, as of this writing, there are no more rooms available at the Embassy Suites at the JCCC4 rate on any nights. The hotel is completely booked on Feb. 21 and 22; there are some rooms available at the hotel on Feb. 18, 19 and 20 at their standard rates (which vary according to room type).

JCCC4: Hotels, Shuttles, PLANNING! (XXXXXX) (Fri, 18 Oct 2013)

We appreciate everyone's patience while we have been finalizing plans for this year's “official” JCCC4 hotel. Finding the right combination of location, amenities, and affordability has frankly been more difficult in Fort Lauderdale than it was last year: Fort Lauderdale is a larger city with higher overall hotel demand, and JCCC4 falls during its high season. But at last, the finalizing has been finalized, and we can now announce…

The “official” JCCC4 hotel this year will the the Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale, located at 1100 SE 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Complete information about the hotel can be found on our Travel and Accommodations page (specifically, in the Hotel section But here's the “bullet points” version:

All suites with either two double beds or one king bed, plus a sitting area with a queen pullout sofa

  • Conveniently located near the cruiseport and Fort Lauderdale attractions
  • Free in-room wi-fi
  • Complimentary, cooked-to-order breakfast
  • Nightly complimentary Evening Reception with free beer, wine, cocktails and light snacks for hotel guests
  • Plenty of indoor and outdoor public space for Sea Monkeys to hang out, play games, etc., including a dedicated meeting room for Sea Monkeys
  • Heated pool (for swimming in water that isn't cold)

For those of you new to JCCC: you are by no means obligated to stay at the Embassy Suites, and are welcome to make your own hotel arrangements. But Sea Monkeys in previous years have found it both fun and convenient to stay together the night before the cruise and ease into the overall process. Plus, many folks find roommates to share the overall cost of their hotel room. (This is often arranged via the Discussion Forums, or on Facebook)

We have a large block of rooms set aside for our group on Saturday, Feb. 22 (the night before we sail), and we've arranged a discount rate of $239 per night for single- through quad-occupancy. In addition, this discounted rate will be available up to five days prior to sailing (Feb. 18-21), and for up to three nights post-cruise (March 1-3), if you're just not ready to go home yet. (Subject to availability)

Once again, for complete hotel and booking information, visit the JCCC website Travel and Accommodations - Hotel section.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: our Feb. 22 block of rooms WILL SELL OUT, and likely much faster than last year's hotel did. This is the cruising high season, and Fort Lauderdale is a larger city with higher hotel demand than Port Canaveral was; plus, our overall group is larger than last year's. You are strongly advised to book sooner rather than later if you want to be sure to get the discounted rate. While we are working with both the Embassy Suites and other nearby hotels to make more rooms available, we cannot guarantee the availability of additional rooms at this rate. If you do not book early enough and our block sells out, you may be forced to make your own hotel plans, at prevailing rates.

We also have complete airport/hotel/port shuttle pricing and booking information available in the Travel and Accommodations - Airport and Ship Shuttles section of the JCCC website. But the short version is: $8 per person per travel leg for the following travel legs: FLL to hotel; hotel to cruiseport; and cruise port to FLL.

More puzzle pieces in place, yay!

The Home Office

JCCC4: Pomplamoose! (Thu, 10 Oct 2013)

Ahoy Ye Simian Sea Scalawags!

Huddle no longer belowdecks, because that’s not thunder you hear in the distance, it’s AWESOME.

Awesome thing #1: POMPLAMOOSE (no we did not just mispell the French word for grapefruit*)

That's right, the Indie superstar one-woman-one-man band Pomplamoose will be joining this year's stellar lineup of JCCC4 performers! If you haven't heard them yet, they make songs like this one. And covers like this one.

You can check out the entire list of JCCC performers here:

Awesome thing #2: Silly rabbit, but event cruises are for adults!

Well, these rabbits believe that there are lots of families out there who'd love to participate in a cruise like JCCC, if it were geared more towards them. So we've been talking with family music guru Bill Childs about just such a cruise (to be organized by the producers of JoCo Cruise Crazy). Certainly the entertainment and events will be very different from JCCC, but the fun-loving spirit and welcoming sense of community should be the same. And you know more about said fun-loving spirit and welcoming sense of community than even we do so we're very curious to know what you think. If you've got the time, would you fill out this survey for us?

Of course this cruise, if it happens, would be a separate, non JCCC-event (though it would be organized by the producers of JoCo Cruise Crazy) and would, in no way (save our getting even better at throwing a sweet cruise ;), interfere with or modify the existing JCCC experience.

Awesome thing #3: More performers, hotel booking, & JCCC merchandise coming soon!

Nope, that's still not thunder you're hearing, it's still awesome. We'll have more information and more announcements in the coming weeks.

Get ready to squee all over the place!


* Please contact Royal Caribbean directly with any grapefruit-related questions about our 2014 sailing

JCCC4: Performers, Shore Excursions, Balls (Thu, 03 Oct 2013)

Hello everybody, it’s your old friend Jonathan Coulton here. How are things?

I know a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting details about the entertainment side of this cruise. Rest assured, the machinery at JoCo Cruise Crazy HQ has been chugging away behind the scenes on this and many other questions – there are a LOT of moving parts, and we’ve been working hard to make those parts stop moving. Today we’re excited to make several announcements.

First: Performers!

As usual, we’ve assembled a fantastic array of talented and fun people to entertain you. We’re still working on a couple of acts that we can’t announce yet, but right now we are delighted to tell you that the following people have committed to joining us (along with Paul, Storm and myself, of course):

Jim Boggia
Hank Green
Tig Notaro
David Rees
John Roderick
Peter Sagal
Nathan Sawaya
Paul F. Tompkins
Sara Watkins

and featuring

John Hodgman as Himself

While this list is ALREADY AWESOME, it’s not quite finished, and we expect to add a few more names in the weeks and months to come. It’s not easy for busy and talented professional entertainer persons to commit to a week-long event that’s still several months away (and which takes place during TV pilot season). On top of that, the availability of performance and hangout spaces on the ship is a moving target, and will still be in a state of moderate flux up till very close to our sailing date. And we don’t want to announce a bunch of stuff that MIGHT happen, and then have to un-announce it later on when it doesn’t pan out. But we’ve done this three years in a row already, and we’ve got a pretty great track record, if I do say so myself. So thank you all for your patience, and your trust in our ability to make you happy.

Second: Sea Monkey Shore Excursions!

You may have seen it in the notice we sent that included your cabin number, but it bears repeating: this year we’ll be able to offer both Sea Monkey-specific and Sea Monkey-exclusive excursions. We’re working with Royal Caribbean’s shore excursion department on specifics, but if there are adventures you think you’d like to experience amongst fellow Sea Monkeys, hold off for now on booking them. For excursions you want to do on your lonesome, you can of course book them at any time.

Third: Balls! I myself cannot believe it, but we made a ridiculous request, and Royal Caribbean said yes. I don’t want to say too much about it now because some of the details are still being worked out, and this may only resonate properly to those of you who saw Randall Munroe’s talk last year, but here it is: ball pit. Ball. Pit. BALLPIT! (Specifically, a ballpit in an interior cabin.)

Third-and-a-half: Hotel

We know you are hungrily awaiting word about an official JCCC pre-cruise Sea Monkey Hotel, as in previous years. We are still working to finalize the arrangements for this; we promise to let everyone know the details the instant we can make them available. We appreciate everyone’s patience, and please don’t worry: we promise that we won’t leave you hanging on this.

That’s all the news for now, but there is more to come. As always, questions, complaints, and long screeds about how we are doing it wrong should be sent to

This is going to be an amazing cruise, and I can’t wait to see all of you there. For more information on performers, check out the JoCo Cruise Crazy site (but maybe not right now as it's a little strained from all the traffic!).

JCCC4 XXXXXX: Your Stateroom Assignment & RCI Booking Number - Update (Tue, 01 Oct 2013)

Greetings, Sea Monkey! Your stateroom assignment and Royal Caribbean Booking Number are in! The last time we sent this out, a few messages were missing the cabin number. We wanted to make sure you all got this information, so we're resending. Apologies if you have received this message twice.

We've placed you in stateroom #XXXX, a category XX stateroom on deck XX. Here's a link to the RCI map for deck XX so you can take a look at your assigned stateroom:

If we missed something in your file† or you really hate your cabin, please respond to this email and we'll do our best to figure something out. If this is all gravy, congratulations: no action is required.

Your Royal Caribbean Booking number is XXXXXX. This booking number is applicable to the following guests* in your booking: XXXX, XXXX. Each guest will need to complete check-in online or have online check-in completed for them before we sail (more information below).


Because so many Sea Monkeys enjoy going on excursions together, we're experimenting with JCCC-exclusive shore excursions this year(!). More information is soon to come, so if you plan to “excurse” with JCCC4 attendees, don't book just yet!

If you'd like to book a shore excursion for just yourself (not with the rest of the JCCC group), however, you can book those as soon as you are checked in online.


NOTE: each member of your party will need to complete online check in and print a “SetSail Pass” at least one week prior to our departure on February 23rd.

You can check in here:

You'll find a box on the upper-righthand side of the page where you can enter your data and begin check-in. Along with your booking number and last name you'll need to fill in some additional information. Date of Departure is February 23, 2014. Ship Name is Independence of the Seas. Enter your last name as it appears on your booking (XXXXX) and your reservation number as it appears here: XXXXXXX.


If you have special needs (dietary, CPAP machine, allergies, etc.), please fill out the form here:
NOTE: You must submit special needs requests to RCI directly. JCCC cannot process these requests. RCI must handle them.

Please respond to this email with any questions! We cannot wait to see you onboard!


* Are there guests in your booking who are not listed by your booking number? Contact us! Suites with more than 4 people receive multiple booking numbers. Also, guests may not all receive their booking numbers at the same time given the manual process by which our manifests sync with the computers at Royal Caribbean.

† Below's the info we had in our file (if any) about what you wanted (some of you may have left notes unrelated to cabin placement–the system cannot distinguish between note types, but a human has read the note):

JCCC5: A Question from the Home Office (XXXXXX) (Sat, 29 Jun 2013)

Ahoy me hearties,

We are considering numerous options for JCCC5 in 2015 (because that's how far-thinking and dedicated we are here at the Home Office). Could you please take a moment sometime this weekend to answer this brief survey on the following hypothetical situation; your collective opinion matters!

(Please note that the options considered in the survey are not the ONLY options being considered for JCCC5; and a final decision will likely not be made for some time)

JCCC4: Sign up for Your User Account (XXXXXX) (Mon, 22 Apr 2013)

Greetings JoCo Cruisers!

Thank you for your patience while the JCCC Booking Engine was undergoing yearly maintenance, and thank you for bearing with us during our choppier-than-hoped-for JCCC4 launch on the high seas. We cannot wait to have you aboard in February!

As you may already have read, we've built out an awesome new user account system for you and your cabin mates to use. Now you'll be able to make many changes to your booking yourself, view your booking and payment data, and lots of other great stuff that we'll be adding as the cruise approaches! The user account system is now open to our existing passengers, ahead of next week's public booking launch.

So here's how this whole user account thing works:

  1. This email has been sent only to you, the primary contact.
  2. Using the link below, create an account for yourself.
  3. Once you've logged in, you'll need to invite the rest of the passengers in your booking in order for them to create their own accounts. To invite them, just use the buttons in the manifest section of the booking summary page of your user account.
  4. Except for minors, everyone in your booking needs to create a separate user account.
    • a) If there are minors in your booking, click the “Declare a parent/guardian for this minor” link under the minor's name in your user account (this will pop up an email window). The parent/guardian's signature will count for both the guardian and the minor or minors under their care. NOTE: If there is a minor in your booking, even though you previously agreed to the terms and conditions, we ask that you agree to the terms and conditions again on your and the minors' behalf.
    • b) If there are dummy passengers in your booking and they are not listed explicitly as “Dummy Passenger (name TBA)”, send us an email and we will convert the passenger record. Do not change the name to “Dummy Passenger (name TBA)” yourself!

If you'd like, you can read more about the user account system here:

Follow this link to create your user account:

Please respond to this message with any questions–and let us know if you're having any problems with the user account system,

The Ghost in the JCCC Machine

P.S. While all passengers in a booking can see each other's basic information (name, birthdate, gender, email), users will only be able to edit their own information. As always, payment details not recorded or stored by JCCC ever and is processed securely by Paypal. No one in your booking and no one at JCCC can view your credit card, bank, or other payment information.

JCCC3: Last day for JCCC4 Early Booking! / Official Photos! (Tue, 26 Feb 2013)

Ahoy JCCC3 Sea Monkeys! Boy did we have a blast! This email is only going out to you, the primary contact, so please send this along to others in your booking who may be interested.

JCCC4 Booking

Early booking for JCCC3 Sea Monkeys only (with CRAZY discounts) is available here:

After today, we will be closing booking until mid-March, while we retool the booking engine to make it even more awesome for next year!

JCCC3 Photos

Atom Moore, the official JCCC3 photographer, is starting to post awesome pics from the cruise on his website. If there is one in particular that you love he is offering high res versions at 'pay what you want' pricing. You can find more info here:


UPDATE: JCCC4 Deposits and Terms and Conditions (XXXXXX) (Mon, 25 Feb 2013)

Hi there, earlier today, the links in this email were not working! We're so sorry! It's a long story. The email is repeated below and the links should BOTH be working now.

Ahoy! We're so excited to have you join us for JCCC4! In order to confirm your early early booking there are TWO things you need to do.

1) In order to sail with JCCC4, you'll need to agree to the JCCC4 Terms and Conditions at this page:

When booking opens to the public in mid-march, we'll additionally need to collect agreements from all those in your booking who are over 18. For passengers under 18, we'll need to collect agreement from their guardian on their behalf at that time.

You can find more information in JCCC4 FAQ.

2) If you haven't already, you'll need to submit payment to cover a $250 deposit per person. Payments can be made here:

In order to maintain your booking, we need your agreement to the terms and conditions and the full $250 per passenger deposit on or before February 27, 2013 at 12 pm Eastern..

If you have any billing questions please respond to this message and we'll get it sorted!


JCCC3: Welcome Home! (Fri, 22 Feb 2013)

Well, Sea Monkeys, we've made it back to Dryland after another successful JoCo Cruise Crazy. Thank you all for helping make this the most successful JCCC so far!

When you have a few moments, please take some time to fill out this brief post-cruise survey:

Your feedback, both positive and negative, will go a long way towards helping improve future JCCC events.

If you're receiving this email, then you were the primary contact for your booking; please be sure to forward this link to the other passengers in your booking; the more feedback we get, the better. Your responses are anonymous and will not be shared publicly; so please feel free to be as honest as possible.

Finally, don't forget that booking for JCCC4 will be exclusive for JCCC3 passengers until Feb. 26th at the following link:

Only 366 days until JCCC4!

The Home Office

JCCC4: Booking Confirmation (XXXXXX) (Sat, 16 Feb 2013)

Hello! Thank you for joining us on JoCo Cruise Crazy 4 in 2014! This email confirms that your booking was successful. We can't wait to have you aboard!

Your JCCC4 Booking ID is XXXXXX

You've reserved a XX (XXXX XXXX) stateroom for the following passengers:



Your payment:

You've made an initial deposit of $XXXX. This means you have an unpaid balance of $XXXX.

Details on deposit schedules and additional payments will be sent to you soon.

Discount Eligibility

Please note that the “Returning Monkey” and other discounts are subject to eligibility requirements. If non-eligible discounts have been applied we will update your balance due and notify you.

What happens next?

We'll be releasing final terms and conditions for JCCC4 within the next week. You'll have until February 26th, 2013 to complete your booking by submitting the first deposit in full and agreeing to the revised terms and conditions.

We'll send you an email with the details necessary to complete your booking soon and post many more details about JCCC4 to the JoCo Cruise Crazy website over the next week.

Beep Bop Boop, The JoCo Cruise Crazy Automated Response Robot

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