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JCC5: 2015 Post-Cruise Survey (XXXXX) (Fri, 13 Feb 2015)

You Sea Monkeys sure know how to party. Someday maybe we’ll fail to outdo ourselves, but this is not that day. The results are in and it’s official: this year was the best cruise yet. And it’s all thanks to you guys, the greatest bunch of enthusiastic, fez-wearing, aquatic primates on the Caribbean Sea OR ANY OTHER. We love you, and we thank you.


But we are restless, and already thinking about how to make this thing even more awesome. As in years past, we’ve created a post-cruise survey to help us do exactly that. Please please please fill it out—we read every response and take your feedback very seriously. This year we’re also soliciting feedback from Sea Monkeys who didn’t attend in 2015, because all Sea Monkeys have a vested interest in The Future. If you didn’t attend in 2015, simply indicate that in your first response to the first question, and it’ll all be dandy.

(If you were the main contact for your booking, make sure you pass this along to the others in your cabin; the more responses we get, the better for everyone.)


Scarface has been cleaned, defragged, and refitted, and has already begun his “computer work” to finalize those who put deposits down for JoCo Cruise 2016. We’ll have more information Soon™, and expect it’ll be a few weeks, but we didn’t want to leave you hangin’.

Onward to 2016!

The Home Office

JCC5: Royal Caribbean Embarkation Time Communications (XXXXXX) (Wed, 28 Jan 2015)

We've noticed some guests are receiving text messages, emails and other communications from Royal Caribbean and Independence of the seas, which include suggested embarkation times for this Saturday.

We have events onboard the ship and have confirmed that you may board as you have been planning to.

In other words, please disregard suggested embarkation times sent to you by Royal Caribbean and follow your heart (all guests must be aboard before 4pm).

The Home Office Monkeys

JoCo Cruise 2016! Also: Snow Travel Disruptions and Important Cruise Miscellany (Wed, 28 Jan 2015)

Two very important things first, before we get to the fun stuff…

First: we’ve prepared some info in case flight disruptions due to the recent snow cause you to miss the ship, right here in [this handy FAQ item.](


Please double- and triple-check your booking to make sure that you and your cabinmates’ first and last names, citizenships, and genders as listed *exactly* as on your passports; *Wednesday at 4pm EST* is the ABSOLUTE last moment that we can send any information changes to the cruiseline. You may be denied boarding if any of this information is listed incorrectly on your booking. You have been warned!

Your are listed as: name: XXXXX, gender: X, ctz.: USA (note: only first and last names are listed here) Other passenger(s) listed on your booking: name: XXXXX, gender: X, ctz.: USA

If any changes must be made, please reply to this email right away. If another passenger is affected, please copy them in your reply to us and make sure you have relayed the correct information before we make a change.

Now then…Even as we lock down the thousands of details for JoCo Cruise 2015, as in past years we’re also gearing up for Early Booking for 2016. Booking won’t open to the general public until a few weeks after this year’s mind-blowing event ends, but here are the basics:

JoCo Cruise 2016

Sunday, February 21 – Sunday, February 28, 2016

on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas

7-night cruise [from Port Canaveral to St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Cococay](

Complete JoCo Cruise 2016 pricing will be announced aboard JoCo Cruise 2015, and published at upon our return. But here are the highlights:

You’ll be able to reserve a 2016 cabin during JoCo Cruise 2015. And like last year, signing up while aboard this year's cruise can earn you exclusive 2016 stateroom credits from RCI—from $25 per cabin (for Interior cabins) to *$200 per cabin* (for suites)! NOTE: Only one credit will be applied to any single 2016 JoCo Cruise cabin.

By taking advantage of Onboard Booking while on JoCo Cruise 2015, you'll also qualify for:

  • Our $35 per person Returning Monkey discount (for all Sea Monkeys from any previous JoCo Cruise sailing) and $75 per person Early Booking discount (for all who book before June 1, 2015), for a total of *$110 per person* in additional JoCo 2016 discounts (not even including the future stateroom credit from RCI!)!
  • First priority for selecting cabin category for JoCo Cruise 2016.

Our Onboard Booking form will collect basic personal information and your desired stateroom type (suite, balcony, exterior, interior; this can be changed later if desired though doing so will affect your RCI stateroom credit amount). No Internet or technology beyond a pen will be necessary to book JoCo Cruise 2016.

Pre-booking requires a deposit of only *$100 per pre-booked cabin* ($250 for suites), which will be charged to the credit card on your room or another card of your choice. These deposits are *fully refundable through June 1, 2015*. We'll send an email confirmation to your email address on file. Additional per person deposits will be due post-cruise, exact amounts and dates tbd.

*IMPORTANT*: JoCo Cruise can only be booked at (or via the Onboard Booking Form described above). You MAY NOT purchase from anyone else (a travel agent, Royal Caribbean’s website, the “regular” onboard Royal Caribbean booking office, some guy on the street, etc.) and still participate in JoCo Cruise’s exclusive entertainment and activities. No exceptions.

Of course we’ll have more details later; but that’s hopefully enough for you to be prepared, should you decide to book onboard.


We regret to announce that Cameron Esposito has had to cancel her appearance on JoCo Cruise 2015. We will miss having her aboard, and wish her the absolute best. But the Comedy Night show will go on, with Rhea Butcher and Hari Kondabolu, and it shall be awesome.


While you're aboard JoCo Cruise, there are several options available for staying in touch with your fellow Sea Monkeys, and for getting updated schedule information. Among them are two electronic options… Twit-Arr, JoCo Cruise’s Sea Monkey-developed Twitter-like messaging service that’s free for JoCo Cruisers to use. You don’t have to have internet access to view or use it, and if you purchase wifi it won’t burn your minutes (as long as you disconnect from the internet when you aren’t using it). Complete details of how to sign up for and use Twit-Arr will be distributed during registration onboard. CruiseMonkey 5, the mobile app for JoCo Cruise (and also developed by Sea Monkeys), is now available for download. CruiseMonkey lets you view the JoCo Cruise schedule, as well as “shadow cruise” events, including making your own. It also provides maps, a list of shipboard amenities, a searchable karaoke list, and enables you to read and post Twit-Arr and Seamail messages. CruiseMonkey is available for iOS and Android, at the following stores: Apple App Store: Amazon Apps for Android: Google Play Store: Please note that not all features of CruiseMonkey will work immediately upon install, but they will be active once we are on the shipboard WiFi. Instructions on how to configure CruiseMonkey will be provided once you're on the ship. It is *strongly* recommended that you check for app updates right before the cruise, as there may still be last minute bug fixes to release this week.


Per request, the Casino has arranged several Sea Monkey-exclusive single table No-limit Hold’em poker tournaments. You may sign up for these games at the Casino Cashier desk at any time, up to 20 minutes prior to each game. Each game has a payout structure of: 1st - 50%, 2nd - 35%, 3rd - 15% (after house rake of 25%). (Minimum 5 players needed per game.) Complete rules are available in the casino.

Day 2 (Sun Feb 1)

  • 12 noon - $50 buy-in/$30 re-buys
  • 1:30 pm - $25 buy-in/$15 re-buys

Day 3 (Mon Feb 2)

  • 12 noon - $25 buy-in/$15 re-buys
  • 8 pm - $25 buy-in/$15 re-buys

Day 7 (Fri Feb 6)

  • 1 pm - $25 buy-in/$15 re-buys
  • 4:30 pm - $50 buy-in/$30 re-buys
  • 8 pm - $50 buy-in/$30 re-buys

Day 8 (Sat Feb 7)

  • 11 am - $50 buy-in/$30 re-buys

And naturally, bow in the general direction and marvel at this year’s ethereal sponsors: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, Mystery Brewing, ThinkGeek, Geek Chic, Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis (Twogether Studios), and Looney Labs!

JCC5: A Long List of Exciting Things and Reminders! (XXXXX) (Mon, 26 Jan 2015)

This is the week, Sea Monkeys! As the cruise approaches, some important notes: This email is very long, but we promise it’s all necessary…


MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PASSPORT (or other appropriate travel documentation) when you get to the cruise port on Saturday morning. RCI will not let you on board if you do not have the appropriate travel documents, and there will be nothing we can do for you on our end. Triple-check, quadruple-check, staple it to your forehead; whatever it takes to remember it. If you have any questions regarding documentation, visit the RCI Travel Documentation page, or call RCI directly. ‘Nuff said.


If you haven’t done so, you have until this Wednesday (January 28th) to complete RCI’s Online Check-In process and print out your SetSail Passes, which will save you tons of time at the cruise port on Saturday morning. You will need your RCI Reservation Number, which is XXXXXX; departure date is January 31st, and the ship is the Independence of the Seas, use your last name as it appears on your booking (XXXXX).

If you don’t complete this process by 3 days before sailing, you will have to fill the documents by hand at the cruiseport, which will cut into your well-organized First Day Fruity Drinks schedule. Also, your hand might get sore.


Monday, Jan. 26th is the last day you can book shore excursions online; after then, you'll have to book your excursions once on board.

Also please note: the JOCO Exclusive excursions have minimum attendance requirements; if, by 24 hours prior, a given JOCO Exclusive excursion has not met the minimum required, it may be subject to either getting “folded into” another existing, non-exclusive departure time, or cancellation. In the event of cancellation, RCI will provide a full refund.


In addition to checking in online, the RCI website has many helpful tips to help you get prepared for your cruise. Start at their [“Before You Board”] ( page for information about travel documentation, pre-cruise planning, shore excursions, and even a port shopping app (for all your tanzanite acquisition needs).


However you are getting to the Port Everglades cruiseport on Saturday, Jan. 31st—taxi, hotel shuttle, direct from airport, etc.—be aware that RCI requires all passengers to be on board 90 minutes before departure, which means by 4 pm. “Onboard” means “checked in and physically on the ship,” so make sure you leave adequate time. And they’re very serious about this kind of thing. Don’t dawdle.


JoCo Cruise registration will take place in the Independence of the Seas Conference Center (located on Deck 2, forward) on Saturday from approximately 11am - 3 pm. Everyone must go through Registration to pick up their official JoCo Cruise Entertainment Pass badge and lanyard (brought to you by Cards Against Humanity) during those hours. At the same time, you can pick up your copy of the swanky new full-color SeaMonkey newsletter and your FREE SWAG! Also, if you pre-ordered JoCo Cruise merchandise items, you should pick them up in the Conference Center at this time.

Also note that some time during/after dinner, the Conference Center will be transformed into the famous JOCO CRUISE GAME ROOM, which this year is sponsored by Steve Jackson Games.


If it’s your first JoCo Cruise, or you’d just like a refresher, we’re holding an orientation session at 2 pm on Saturday in the Alhambra Theatre (Deck 3, forward). We’ll talk a little bit about what to expect during the week ahead, complete with charts and diagrams, and we’ll also leave some time to answer basic questions that not have been answered in the SeaMonkey guide you’ll have been given at Registration.


You are all cordially invited at 3 pm on Saturday for an open-bar Welcome Cocktail Reception in Studio B (deck 3, midship-center from aft). Find old friends, meet new friends, get officially introduced to this year’s performers, and generally get settled in to your vacation the old fashioned way: with free drinks! That includes the three special JoCo Cruise brews by Mystery Brewing Company.


Like last year, not only do we essentially have the entirety of the bottom floor of the main dining room (The Romeo and Juliet Room, Deck 3, aft), but we also have tables on the second floor (The Macbeth Room, Deck 4, aft). Our dinner seating will be at 6 pm every night.

As in previous years, our dinner is “open seating” unless you specifically requested fixed seating, and you may sit at any table in the dining room marked with a white “JoCo Cruise - Open Seating” table tent; and you may move to different (similarly-designated) tables each night, if you wish. Ignore any table number your Sea Pass (room key) may indicate. (If you selected fixed seating, you have either already been contacted, or will be very shortly, with your assigned table number.)

Most evenings, the dining room dress code is “smart casual” which RCI describes as “jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women.” In practice, they are usually pretty lenient with this code, but you are well advised to avoid wearing shorts, ripped jeans, muscle shirts, or flip-flops.

Two evenings (Sunday and Thursday) are “formal” in the dining room, which RCI describes as “suits and ties or tuxedos for men, cocktail dresses for women.” Again, in our experience, RCI is lenient to a certain extent, and they’ve been advised as to some of our passengers…unusual definitions of “formal wear.”

In all cases, the RCI dining room staff and management will have final word as to what is “acceptable,” and JoCo Cruise Management will abide by their decision. If you do not wish to participate in the formal dining evenings, that’s no problem; the dress code applies to the main dining room only, and there are numerous other dining options available on board.

Finally, a great bit of news…


RCI is arranging an exclusive lunch for JCC attendees of specially-prepared Indian food, with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This lunch will be held on Day 3 (Mon. Feb. 2) 12 noon - 1:15 pm, in Giovanni's restaurant (Deck 11 Aft, just inside the Windjammer). You can sign up once on board at Giovanni's or by dialing 3035 on any ship's phone. Admission is $15 per person, and will be charged to your onboard account. Space is limited, though; first come, first served!


We have received your requests and modifications to the bed configuration in your cabin and submitted them. If, when you arrive at your cabin, your beds are not configured as you had requested, just let your stateroom attendant know (or leave a note), and they will be rearranged during dinner.

Say it with us now…SOON!

The Home Office.

As ever, love hugs ‘n kisses to our brilliant and fancy sponsors. Lookit ‘em: they’re so cool: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, Mystery Brewing, ThinkGeek, Geek Chic, Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis (Twogether Studios), and Looney Labs!

JCC5: 9 More Days! 9 More Days! (XXXXX) (Fri, 23 Jan 2015)

Hi there sea-friend, we cannot wait to see you onboard the Independence of the Seas on January 31st (So soon! Squee!). It is going to be a gas and a half.

Below are some important reminders. Please read through this email and make sure everything is taken care of.


Please make sure that your passports and other travel documents are in order! You can find all the information about required documents on Royal Caribbean's website:


The first name and last name that’s displayed on your passport (or other legal document described [here]( must match the name in the Royal Caribbean system.

Your name is listed as: XXXXX (note: only first and last names are listed here) Other passenger(s) listed on your booking: XXXXX


  • There are exactly 2 guests in your booking, no more, no fewer.
  • The spelling of your name matches your legal documents exactly. Only first and last name are needed. You should *not* include your middle name.
  • The spelling of the other passengers’ first and last names matches their legal documents exactly. (Note: if your other passengers have signed up for a user account, they too have received a copy of this message. Nevertheless, if you notice an error, we ask that you respond, copying them).
  • There are no dummy names listed on your booking.

If any changes must be made, please reply to this email as soon as possible. If another passenger's name is misspelled, please copy them in your reply to us.

*We ask that you not respond if this information is correct, as we receive quite a lot of emails already.*

SPECIAL NEEDS (XXXXXX) If you have special needs (dietary, CPAP machine, allergies, etc.), please fill out the form here: NOTE: You must submit special needs requests to RCI directly. JCCC cannot process these requests. RCI must handle them.

If you’ve already added your C&A number for JCC5, you’ll see a “Countdown to Your Next Cruise” box on the left-hand side of the window, with JCC5’s info in it. If you DON’T see that, then you need to add the cruise, which you can do at the link below. It will require your RCI Booking Number (XXXXXX) and your last name as it appears on your reservation (XXXXX). Date of Departure is January 31, 2015. Ship Name is Independence of the Seas.


If you have not already done so, you should be sure to go through RCI’s Online Check-In process and print out your SetSail Passes, which you can do until three days prior to sailing. This will save you a bunch of time on the morning of the cruise; because otherwise, you will have to check in manually at the cruise port, which involves having to WRITE A BUNCH OF THINGS on ACTUAL PIECES OF PAPER like some sort of CAVE PERSON.

You can check in here:

You'll find a box on the upper-right hand side of the page where you can enter your data and begin check-in. Along with your booking number and last name, you'll need to fill in some additional information. Date of Departure is January 31, 2015. Ship Name is Independence of the Seas. Enter your last name as it appears on your booking (XXXXX) and your reservation number as it appears here: XXXXXXX.


You may be noticing a pattern with the ships we’re on and who owns them. Turns out if you sail with Royal Caribbean a lot they give you a bathrobe to wear in your room and other perks, but you need to be a member of their loyalty program, Crown & Anchor, to reap these incredible benefits with your sickle of bathrobes and savings.

Anyway, if you’ve got an C&A number (or want one), here’s the story:

If you want to register for a C&A account, or if you haven’t activated your C&A number, you can do so here: Enroll or activate

Once you’ve got a C&A online account, you’ll need to log in to their system (if you aren’t already) here.

We seriously cannot wait to see you onboard! It is going to be *great*!

The Home Office

P.S. And, of course, a heartfelt, big warm hug and kiss and thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the top of our minds to our incredible, inedible, indelible, infallible, indefatigable, indestructible, ineluctable, *inspirational* SPONSORS: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, Mystery Brewing, ThinkGeek, Geek Chic, Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis (Twogether Studios), and Looney Labs.

JCCC5: Confirm Your Stateroom’s Bed Configuration (XXXXXX) (Tue, 20 Jan 2015)

Hi there, your stateroom has two beds. They can be pushed together to form a single bed, or separated. When booking you indicated you wanted the beds XXXXX.

If the two beds in your stateroom should be XXXXX, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. If you’d like to change the configuration of the beds in your stateroom, just reply to this email!


We're very pleased to announce the (relatively last-minute) addition of our newest Featured Performer, Opus Moreschi. Opus is the former head writer on the Colbert Report, and he has more Peabody Awards than everyone else on our cruise *combined*. See his full bio and a picture of him in a bee costume on [our Entertainment page] (


Reminder: the JCC Merch Overstock Store is open through this Friday, Jan. 16th. 15% off for purchases of $100 or more, and 25% off for purchases of $150 or more. Everything old is new again! Time is a flat circle!

(You’ll need to sign into your JCC User Account in order to visit the store.)


There’s still time to sign up for the special Sea Monkey-only excursions. Either via [RCI's Shore Excursions page] ( or via your Royal Caribbean [“My Cruises” account] (, excursions with the JOCO prefix to join up. If for some reason you don’t see the JOCO prefix, email us and we’ll get it straightened out. A couple of highlights:

ST MAARTEN Loterie Farm Treetop Adventure Tour or The Extreme - zip zop zoop! (Note: first video is from Royal Caribbean’s sister line, Celebrity, but it’s the same tour) Treetop Adventure: And for those who are adventurous…TO THE EXTREME!

ST KITTS Why go to only one island when you can go to two? Nevis awaits: St. Kitts Catamaran Sail & Nevis Beach Getaway - beautiful. Here’s what such a trip might look like (though it might not be this exact catamaran): A Day Trip to Nevis with Lunch

SAN JUAN This island was made for walkin’. El Yunque Rainforest Hike Old San Juan Walking Tour


Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina rooms are still available for the night before sailing (Jan 30), but they’re fading fast. Faaaading…

Plus, a quick reminder that we have a whole page dedicated to getting you to the ship—including info about shuttles to/from the hotels and Port Everglades.


You know them, you love them, and they’re the type of folks who, if they were your neighbor, would pick you up at the airport and walk your dog while you were away: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, Mystery Brewing, ThinkGeek, Geek Chic, Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis (Twogether Studios), and Looney Labs.

JCCC5: Official Schedule! New Events! Other News! (XXXXX) (Sat, 10 Jan 2015)


Oh, man. ManOhManOhMan. We’ve been hard at work all year putting together this enchilada, and are finally ready to unveil this year’s official Main Event schedule:


But wait! There’s more! This year, we're introducing two new elements to the JCC experience that we think you're really gonna love:

The JCC Gaming Track: several of the very talented game designers and creators on board this year—including track organizers Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis (Twogether Studios; Keith is the creator of Eberron and Gloom), Featured Guest Steve Jackson (Steve Jackson Games; creator of a ridiculous number of well-known games), Christopher Badell (Greater than Games; creator of Sentinels of the Multiverse, among many others), James Ernest (Cheapass Games; creator of too many things to list), and the folks at Looney Labs (creators of Fluxx and other game goodness)—will be hosting a number of talks, events, game playtesting and office hours.

The JCC Writing Track: New York Times bestselling and multiple Hugo Award-winning author John Scalzi hosts a series of talks about writing—both the creative process and the financial and logistical aspects—and interviews a variety of creative types: authors (Pat Rothfuss), game designers (Keith Baker and Mikey Neumann) and songwriters (panelists TBA).

Additionally, our performers and our other Featured Guests (Molly Lewis, David Rees, John Roderick and Wil Wheaton) will be hosting various meetups, “office hours” and events of varying degrees of formality, from mini-concerts to spontaneous drinkups and hot-tubbing. Some will be announced ahead of time, others will be more spontaneous. Fun!

Here's a schedule of the planned Gaming Track and Writing Track events, as well as the Featured events scheduled so far:

There will be tweaks and additions to this schedule before we sail, and of course things will evolve throughout the cruise. But this will at least help you start your planning, and we’ll have multiple ways to keep you updated while on the ship.

And of course the JoCo Cruise Game Room, sponsored by Steve Jackson Games, will be open 24/7—and this year, we're bringing in a bunch of our own 4-top card tables, to facilitate MORE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT GAMING(1). What, you want more? How about this: Official sponsor Geek Chic will be bringing a few of their amazing custom gaming tables for us to fawn over and game on. Swanky!

Plus we’ll have more places to game this year at peak times—complete details will be included in the shiny new full-color SeaMonkey guide, which will be included with the swag bag you’ll receive at Registration(2).


Hey, guess what? We’ve just put up a new store full of a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of some of last year’s merch items for your mercantile enjoyment! Almost everything is discounted, and there are additional volume discounts for buying more stuff—15% off for purchases of $100 or more, and 25% off for purchases of $150 or more. (Discounts will be applied in your cart.) Click below and shop away! COMMERCE! ALL-CAPS EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

The store is open through Friday, January 16th; when it’s gone, it’s gone! These items will NOT be for sale on board.

*Note that you’ll need to sign into your user account in order to visit the store*


Although we were able to add 100 seats to the Arecibo tour in San Juan (as well as more seats for the St. Kitts Rum Tasting trip), those sold out very quickly. We understand that some people who called RCI directly were informed that they should book onboard. We checked, and it turns out that is part of RCI’s standard instructions to its customer service reps; most “regular” excursions hold back a certain percentage of seats for booking for onboard booking. Because we are not standard, no seats are held back for our excursions, hence the confusion. We apologize to anyone who was affected by this misunderstanding.

Although those excursions are sold out, it's still worth checking back every so often; if anyone cancels their reservation on a sold-out excursion, RCI makes that space available online again. We don't receive advance notice of this, unfortunately; so it's really a matter of luck and timing. But if your heart is absolutely set on one of those excursions, there is at least a chance, albeit a small one, that a seat may come available.

All *that* said, there are still plenty of seats available for fun/exciting/unusual/relaxing shore excursions at each of our destinations, set aside just for us Sea Monkeys. Look for the JOCO prefix when booking from your Royal Caribbean account, and you’ll be good to go. If for some reason you don’t see the JOCO excursions, let us know and we’ll help you get it straightened out. A few highlights:

  • St. Maarten Beach Rendezvous - This is the beach where the Yoda Guy trip is going, so you can relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with fellow Sea Monkeys.
  • El Yunque Rainforest Hike (“The Arecibo of Rainforests”) or the Old San Juan Walking Tour (“The Arecibo of Old Towns”) in San Juan - Each feature seasoned guides, so you’re covered whether you’re a town or country type of person.
  • Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour (“The Arecibo of Caribbean Trains”) on St. Kitts - Choo-choo! Seriously beautiful.
  • Anything on Labadee, really, but the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line (“The Arecibo of Oh Never Mind”) is super fun.


Every year, we randomly select one Sea Monkey to become the Monarch of the Seas. It's largely a ceremonial title, but does have its privileges: front-row-center seating for all main events for the Monarch and their consort/family; a really nifty crown that we definitely didn't buy at a Party City; and deferential treatment (optional) from all Sea Monkeys (YMMV).

If you or anyone in your booking would prefer not to be in the pool of potential Monarchs (we know that not everyone cares for that degree of attention and fuss), please fill out the following Google “Monarch Opt-Out” form:


Hilton Marina rooms (and Fort Lauderdale hotel rooms generally) are becoming quite scarce, but Sea Monkeys can still take advantage of JoCo Cruise’s special pricing. [](


Do you? Really? Really really? You’re not just telling us that? Okay, then.

And, naturally, many thanks to our tip-top, gallant and effervescent sponsors: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, Mystery Brewing, ThinkGeek, Geek Chic, Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis (Twogether Studios), and (new!) Looney Labs.

Soooo close,

The Home Office

(1)JCC claims no responsibility for the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your individual gaming experience.
(2)which will be in the Game Room, sponsored by Steve Jackson Games!

JCCC5: Helper Monkeys, Personal Info, Arecibo Update and Site Inspection Answers (XXXXX) (Fri, 02 Jan 2015)


Like last year, we are seeking a team of volunteers to help out with many of the small tasks that are necessary for an event like this to run smoothly. We want to include as many people that want to help as possible. We only ask for an hour or two of your time during the week. The tasks are pretty simple stuff, and are what make the cruise as amazing as it is. Best of all: it’s fun!

If you’re interested in helping out, the link below has more information and a signup form:


Please be advised that your personal info that you keep on file with us MUST match the information on your passport, or else you may have trouble boarding the ship. Please go into your user account via the link here:

…and check all of your personal information (first and last names, birth-date with year, and citizenship information) to make sure it’s correct. We advise that you not check in via RCI’s website until at least your name information is showing there correctly. If there are corrections needed, you can change your information yourself from within your JCC5 user account, but if you have any questions or need help with this please email us at and we can get everything set up correctly for you.

Please don’t wait until the last minute on this!


Excellent news: the tour operator has given us an additional 100 slots for the excursion to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico! (This brings us to a total of nearly 300 people going on this excursion. HOORAY FOR SCIENCE!!!)

We have been told that these slots will be made available on the RCI website at (or right around) 9 am EST on Monday, January 5th. Plan accordingly, as we expect these slots to sell out pretty quickly.


Those of you who submitted questions for us to ask the ship’s staff while on the site inspection cruise, our answers can be found here:


The Hilton Marina has granted us a short extension for Sea Monkeys to take advantage of JoCo Cruise’s special pricing (the previous deadline was this week), but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

As ever, many thanks to our resolute, affable and versatile sponsors: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, Mystery Brewing, ThinkGeek, and (NEW!) Geek Chic, and Jenn Ellis and Keith Baker.

30 DAYS!!!

The Home Office

JCCC5 Hotel, Dinner Seating, and Arecibo Shore Excursion (XXXXX) (Wed, 31 Dec 2014)


If you haven’t made your hotel arrangements yet for the night before the cruise (or several nights), and/or the night after (or several), you really should do so sooner rather than later. JCCC discount rates at the Hilton Marina are still available, but only for the next few days. (Our block at the Embassy Suites is sold out for Jan. 30th; there are still some rooms available on other dates.) Snoozers are loozers!


As in previous years, seating in the main dining room for Sea Monkeys will be an “open seating” plan. Which is to say: the tables allotted to our group will be marked with blue JCCC-themed table tents; and Sea Monkeys may sit at ANY of those blue-tented tables, and may switch around from night to night. This encourages mingling, meeting new people and making new friends, a process generally favored by most Sea Monkeys in the past.

If you would prefer to have fixed dinner seating for the duration of the cruise, however, you may click on the below link and fill out the simple fixed seating request form found there; you will be assigned a table according to your preferences. (You will be prompted to log in to your user account if you are not already logged in.)

NOTE: fixed dinner seating is STRONGLY recommended for anyone with dietary restrictions/needs (allergies, gluten-free, vegan, etc.), as your wait staff can then be consistently familiar with your specific restrictions/needs. Also, if you have specific dietary restrictions/needs, it is recommended you contact the dining room maitre d’ to discuss your needs on the first day of the cruise. This will help assure you receive the best possible service for the duration of JCCC5.


For those of you who aren’t aware, there was a bit of a snafu with booking for the Arecibo Observatory shore excursion over Christmas. Basically, demand was WAY higher than anyone expected, and the excursions went live on Christmas Eve (not our first choice for a launch date) before we were able to email everyone about them. A few people found them anyway, word spread, and the trip was sold out before some people even heard about it through official channels. This is a huge drag, entirely unexpected and we’re really sorry about how it turned out for those who missed the window to book.

RCI has contacted the tour operator to request additional capacity. We will update everyone as soon as they get word back to us (though that may not be this week, as many tour operators take the end of the year off); and if additional capacity can be made available, RCI will coordinate with us such that we can properly announce its availability to everyone at the same time.


RCI has requested and received an additional departure for the St. Kitts Rum Tasting excursion, which should now be available on the RCI site.

We will continue to keep an eye on attendance for all JCCC excursions (RCI is providing us regular updates), and will request additional capacity wherever warranted and possible. We promise to continue to do our utmost to keep everyone informed in a timely manner—bearing in mind there are often many moving parts to some of these events (RCI, third party tour operators, etc.), and that many operators work on what our friends at RCI lovingly refer to as “Island Time.”

Thank you all sincerely for your continued patience and enthusiasm!

The Home Office

JCCC5-Exclusive Shore Excursions Now Available! (Sat, 27 Dec 2014)

At long last, the various JCCC5-exclusive shore excursions are available for booking via the Royal Caribbean website!

To book them, you will need to login to your RCI My Cruises account. If you don’t have a My Cruises account yet, you can create one.

Once logged in, our sailing should be listed in your Purchased & Held Cruises; if it’s not, you can use your RCI reservation number, which is XXXXXX, to add the sailing to your Purchased & Held Cruises. (If you have any questions about your RCI booking number, please reply to this email.)

Clicking on our sailing in your Purchased & Held Cruises will bring you to your Vacation Summary page; the Shore Excursion link can be found in the “Cruise Planner” section. From there, you will see all the available shore excursions in our sailing’s various ports of call. The JCCC5-exclusive excursions are each labeled “JOCO Exclusive” in the title, so there is no confusion. (Note that “exclusive” can either mean an event restricted only to Sea Monkeys, or an exclusive Sea Monkey departure time, depending on the particular excursion’s logistics.)

When you add an excursion to your cart and then select “Number of Guests”, the site will autofill the excursion Day-Date and departure time. NOTE: some excursions may offer more than one departure time; if so, select your preferred time. Also, RCI’s system will not allow you to book two excursions that overlap, or whose end/departure times are within 45 minutes of one another. If by some chance you are able to book excursions with conflicts, it will be flagged later, and you will be contacted so that you can tell them which excursion you’d prefer.

And be sure to take a look at the two excursions created specifically for our group: the That Yoda Guy Museum and Beach Break in St. Maarten; and the Arecibo Observatory Tour in Puerto Rico.

NOTE: as of this time, the following two JCCC-exclusive excursions are not yet listed on the site, but should be online by Friday, December 26th:

St. Kitts Catamaran Sail & Snorkel
St. Kitts Catamaran Sail & Nevis Beach Getaway

In addition, the following excursions that we’d previously hoped to be JCCC-exclusive have either have been cancelled by the tour operators (where noted), or logistics have precluded their ability to provide privatized tours/departure times. Many of them are still available, just not as JCCC-exclusive events/departures:

Afternoon Beach Break
Kayak and Snorkel Adventure
St. Maarten Mountain Bike Adventure
Tiki Hut Relax & Snorkel

Bacardi Distillery Museum Tour - CANCELLED (yeah, we’re pretty bummed about it, too)
Fortification Segway Guided Tour
Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure - CANCELLED

If you encounter any problems with booking any given excursion, please let us know and we will notify RCI and attempt to rectify the situation.

Thank you all for your patience while we’ve worked with RCI to get these excursions set up. And now, let the excitement about our ports of call begin…FOR REALS!

The Home Office

JCCC5 Update: Shadow Cruise Events, Gaming, Exclusive Onboard Events and Labadee Information (XXXXX) (Wed, 24 Dec 2014)

Hi again, Seafaring Adventurers! You know what we got you for Christmas? A bunch of new info and forms to fill out! Just like you always wanted!


For those new to JCCC: one of the biggest highlights every year is how you guys, the Sea Monkeys, self-organize and plan your own side events, what we now call the “Shadow Cruise.” Almost anything goes: dance lessons, city/regional meetups, game playtesting and dungeon delving, jam sessions, you name it.

Every day on board, we reserve various spaces on the ship for these events. If you're interested in putting together a Shadow Cruise event, you can fill out the following form in your user account to tell us more about the event you have in mind—a brief description, any technical requirements you may have, and if you would like a particular venue. The poll will have a brief description of the spaces available, and we’ll do our best to match your event with the best space.


If you haven’t booked a hotel yet for the night before the cruise, time is running out if you wanted to stay at the Hilton Marina (which is one of the two Official JoCo Cruise hotels; the Embassy Suites is already sold out). You must book by December 30 to receive our special rate.

Also: is your passport up to date? Do you have your flights and know how to get to/from the airport? All that info and more can be found on our Travel and Accommodations page.


Every year on JoCo Cruise we see more and more interest in tabletop gaming, and we always have more than our fair share of game makers onboard, too. So this year, Jenn Ellis and Keith Baker (designer of Gloom) have stepped up to organize some more formal gaming events, designed to encourage people to try new games, and to get more Sea Monkeys involved in gaming. But don’t worry—there won’t be so many events that it’ll take up all of the time in the Game Room (sponsored by Steve Jackson Games!) Plus we’re working on increasing both the total number of tables available for gaming, and number of places you’ll be able to game. More info as it develops!


The Independence's beverage manager has offered to conduct some scotch whisky tastings for our group. The tastings would be approximately 30-40 minutes long, and would cost $15 plus 15% gratuity.

To help us get a sense of how much interest there would be in such tastings, please fill out the following Google form if you'd be interested in attending a tasting:


The Independence's casino manager has offered to set up one or more one-table, no-limit Texas Hold'em tournaments exclusively for Sea Monkeys this year. Each tourney would last approximately an hour, with a $50 buy-in and $30 re-buys in the first half-hour. But if there is enough interest, we may be able to organize one or more lower-stakes versions as well.

In order to gauge interest and schedule games accordingly, please fill out the following Google form if you would participate in such an event:


This year, another RCI ship, the Grandeur of the Seas, will be on Labadee (RCI's exclusive beach resort on Haiti) the same day as us. So we won't quite have “the run of the place” as we did on JCCC4. That said, we toured the island extensively this year while both ships are in port, and there's still plenty of room for everyone.

That said, we are recommending that those who wish to gather with your fellow Sea Monkeys go to the farther ends of the farther beaches—Adrenaline Beach and Columbus Cove—to have the most space. Here is a map of Labadee to help you get a sense of the resort.

As with last year, we have asked the Island Manager to place a number of lounge chairs and clamshell lounges on the far ends of those beaches for us. (The clamshells are free, and are first-come, first-served.)


Beach cabanas are available in three areas on Labadee: Barefoot Beach Club (available only to suite guests), Nellie's Beach, and Adrenaline Beach. Due to a variety of reasons (none of them nefarious, but all of them too boring to really get into), we will not be handling cabana reservations on Labadee this year, nor are any cabanas reserved exclusively for our group. All cabana reservations will be handled directly through RCI, whose process is as follows:

  • Approximately 30 days before sailing, the ship's concierge will contact all suite guests (not including Junior Suite guests) to offer them cabana rentals for Barefoot Beach Club and Nellie's Beach.
  • A week or two later, reservations for Nellie's Beach cabanas is opened to all other passengers. (Barefoot Beach Club remains limited to suite-level guests only.)
  • Cabanas on Adrenaline Beach may only be booked once on board the Independence. Any remaining cabanas on Barefoot Beach and Nellie's Beach, if available, may also be reserved once on board.

Because we're not the only ship in port that day, we suggest that anyone who wants a cabana act right early. And because cabanas accommodate up to six guests and some of you may plan to “go in together” on a cabana rental, we must reiterate: RCI policy limits all access to Barefoot Beach and its cabanas to *suite guests only* (which does *not* include Junior Suite guests).


Some items have come down already, because we need to order them, but most JoCo Cruise 2015 items are still available for last-minute holiday (or whatever reason you like) purchasing. Just log into your user account and load up on them custom dice, towels, and so much more. Limited quantities will be available for sale on the Independence, but they’ll be marked up to cover the ship’s markup. So now’s the time, and the best time is now!

AND FINALLY, OF COURSE…major props to our efficient, well-adjusted, and snazzytime sponsors: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, Mystery Brewing, and ThinkGeek.

*in fact, it’s even better than discounted—the Hilton Marina (and its incredible pool bar, what for night-before Sea Monkey mingling) is already sold out to the general public!

JCC5 Merch Store Extension! (XXXXXX) (Wed, 17 Dec 2014)

Huzzah! The JCCC5 merch store is remaining open for a short time longer—the Merch Elves just enjoy their job too much—so place your final orders now! We will officially close the store on December 18th at 5pm EST! Some items will be available onboard, but inventory will be limited, and the onboard cost will be higher due to the ship store's markup. So act now for the best prices and availability!

Visit and sign into your user account to order.

Thanks again to our magnanimous sponsors: Steve Jackson Games (JCCC5’s Official Game Room sponsor!), Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, ThinkGeek, and (NEW!) Mystery Brewing.

JCCC5: Royal Caribbean Booking Numbers! (XXXXXX) (Sun, 14 Dec 2014)

Greetings, Sea Monkey! Your stateroom assignment and Royal Caribbean Reservation Number are in! (Finally! We appreciate your patience with this process while we've been sorting out various discrepancies.)

We've placed you in stateroom #XXXX, a category XX stateroom on deck XX. Here's a link to the RCI map for deck XX so you can take a look at your assigned stateroom:

If we missed something in your file or you really hate your cabin, please respond to this email and we'll do our best to figure something out. If this is all gravy, congratulations: no action is required.

Your Royal Caribbean Reservation number is XXXXXXX. This reservation number is applicable to the following guests* in your booking: XXXX, XXXX. Each guest will need to complete check-in online or have online check-in completed for them before we sail (more information below).


NOTE: Each member of your party will need to complete online check in and print a “SetSail Pass” no fewer than four days prior to our departure on January 31st.

You may begin the Online Check-In process for our sailing here:

You'll find a box on the upper-right hand side of the page where you can enter your data and begin check-in. Along with your reservation number and last name, you'll need to fill in some additional information. Date of Departure is January 31st, 2015. Ship Name is Independence of the Seas. Enter your last name as it appears on your booking ([:LastName:]) and your reservation number as it appears here: XXXXXX.


If you have special needs (dietary, CPAP machine, allergies, etc.), please fill out the form here:

NOTE: You must submit special needs requests to RCI directly. JCCC cannot process these requests. RCI must handle them.


As with last year, we are working with RCI to put together a number of shore excursions ESPECIALLY AND EXCLUSIVELY FOR SEA MONKEYS for our days in port in St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico and Labadee. Most of these are existing excursions but your fellow excursioners will be only other JCCC5 attendees; but several of them are ONLY available to you guys. (Because you're so darn special.)

Booking for these will be active VERY SOON™ NOW, and will be handled directly via the Royal Caribbean website this year. As soon as booking is active, we will notify you and give you full instructions.

But in the meantime, for your planning purposes, the list of JCCC-exclusive shore excursions that will be available is at the bottom of this email.

Many of you will also be pleased to note that RCI is working with us to create two special excursions, by popular demand: a St. Maarten excursion to visit That Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit (plus some beach time!); and an excursion to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. HOORAY FOR LASERS AND SCIENCE!

Please respond to this email with any questions! We cannot wait to see you onboard!


  • Are there guests in your booking who are not listed by your booking number? Contact us! Suites with more than 4 people receive multiple booking numbers. Also, guests may not all receive their booking numbers at the same time given the manual process by which our manifests sync with the computers at Royal Caribbean.

A note about cabin placement requests: We got more than 300 cabin placement requests from you and have really tried to satisfy them all. If it was listed, here's the info we had in our file about the cabin placement that you wanted: nearelevators |

And here's a note to you about the cabin you were assigned:

Hope they work out for you, please let us know if there's something else you'd prefer. We can look into other options if you prefer.

Who was this email sent to? This email was sent to the primary contact for your booking and any other passengers in your booking who have registered for a user account. If you have questions about this email, please contact us.


St. Maarten:

  • 4×4 St. Maarten & Beach Escape
  • A St. Maarten Beach Rendezvous
  • A Golden Eagle Sailaway
  • Adventure Snuba and Snorkel
  • Afternoon Beach Break
  • Anguilla Dolphin Encounter & Beach
  • Anguilla Dolphin Swim & Beach
  • Butterfly Farm & Marigot
  • Catamaran Sail & Snorkel Adventure
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Kayak and Snorkel Adventure
  • Loterie Farm Treetop Adventure Tour
  • Scuba Dive with Equipment
  • Scuba Dive Without Equipment
  • Sea Trek St. Maarten
  • St. Maarten Mountain Bike Adventure
  • The Extreme
  • Tiki Hut Relax & Snorkel
  • Ultimate Beach & Snorkel Adventure
  • Yoda Guy Museum and Beach Break

St. Kitts:

  • 4×4 Island Safari & Beach
  • A Day Trip to Nevis with Lunch
  • A Sky Safari Zipline
  • Beach Extravaganza
  • Caribbean Plantation and Beach
  • Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour
  • Island History & Rum Tasting
  • Mount Liamuiga Volcano Hike
  • Scenes of St. Kitts
  • Snuba St. Kitts Underwater Adventure
  • St. Kitts Catamaran Sail & Snorkel
  • St. Kitts Catamaran Sail & Nevis Beach Getaway

Puerto Rico:

  • Arecibo Observatory Tour
  • Canopy Tour Zipline Adventure
  • Bacardi Distillery Museum Tour
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • El Yunque Rainforest Hike
  • Fortification Segway Guided Tour
  • Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure
  • Marine Park Snorkeling
  • Old San Juan Walking Tour
  • San Juan Diaries


  • Dragon's Breath Flight Line
  • Sandbar Island Adult Getaway
  • Labadee Snorkel Safari
  • Labadee Speedboat & Snorkel (formerly: Arawaky Snorkel Adventure)
  • Labadee Wave Jet Tour - Driver
  • Labadee Wave Jet Tour - Passenger
  • Parasail

JCCC5: Merch Store Closes Soon! (Fri, 12 Dec 2014)

Just a quick reminder that the JCCC5 Merchandise Store closes Monday, December 15th at 5pm EST! Some items will be available onboard at shows and in the ship's store, but inventory will be greatly limited, and the onboard cost will have a significant markup due to the ship store's fees. So act now for the best prices and availability!

We’ve got some amazing new designs and brand new items this year—towels, shirts, a sweatshirt about warm bread, pins, coins, and yes that’s right, DICE. Save 5% when you order $55 or more, and 10% when you hit $85. You would be a fool to let these kinds of opportunities pass you by, and then people would probably laugh at you! Which nobody wants to see happen!

Visit and sign into your user account to order.

Thanks again to our magnanimous sponsors: Steve Jackson Games (JCCC5’s Official Game Room sponsor!), Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, ThinkGeek, and (NEW!) Mystery Brewing.



JoCo Cruise merch is here. And it is SWANKY. This year’s featured design, “Waiter JoCo” by Adam Levermore (who did JCCC2’s art deco zeppelin cruise ship), is showcased on this year's t-shirt, poster, lapel pin and challenge coin. There's also a fancy polo shirt (CASUAL FRIDAY!), an awesome new sweatshirt (WARM BREAD!), new custom dice (WANDERING MONSTERS!) and a new cushy beach towel (PARENTHETICAL ALL-CAPS!).

This year, all total purchases between $55 - $84 will automatically receive a 5% discount on their order total; and all total purchases of $85 or more will automatically receive a 10% total discount on their entire order. SAVINGS! CAPITALISM!



The store link is below. You will need to have a JCC User Account to use the store; if you're not logged into your JCC User Account, you will be taken to the login screen and then to the store. You can invite other members of your booking without an account to sign up from your user account summary home screen by clicking edit next to their name.

Select your desired items and add them to your cart; you can view your cart using the navigation on the top bar. Any applicable discounts will be automatically applied to your balance.

When ready to check out, go to your cart; there is a button there to check out via Paypal. (You don't need a PayPal account to use this, they're just handling the merchant processing.)

Once your payment is submitted you'll receive an email receipt detailing your order. A line item for the order will show up on your JCC5 billing statement and a payment of that same amount will be applied against your JCC5 balance. Your billing statement will show that merch was purchased but not which merch (perfect for gifts to others in your cabin!).

Your order will be available for pickup at registration onboard the Independence of the Seas. (We unfortunately cannot ship your order to you ahead of time.)

If you have any questions you can reply to this email or email

OK… enough talking. Here's the link!

The merch store closes December 15th so that we can order everything and get it on board in time! Although there will be a limited amount of merchandise available for sale on the ship, the operative word is LIMITED. And also: more expensive, because the cruise line charges us to sell on the ship. So the time is now! Carpe diem! By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings!


In case you didn't see our announcements on the website, here's the current, full JCC5 entertainment lineup:


  • Jonathan Coulton
  • Jim Boggia
  • The Both – Aimee Mann & Ted Leo
  • Rhea Butcher
  • Cameron Esposito
  • Jean Grae
  • Matthew Inman
  • Hari Kondabolu
  • Merlin Mann
  • Paul and Storm
  • Patrick Rothfuss

Featured Guests:

  • Steve Jackson
  • Molly Lewis
  • David Rees
  • John Roderick
  • John Scalzi
  • Wil Wheaton

So tell your friends NOW, because inventory is gonna become MUCH more limited after December 1.


If you have not done so yet, now is the time to start making your travel plans to Fort Lauderdale. Airfares will likely continue to rise the closer you get to the cruise date, so we suggest you investigate sooner rather than later.

We do not recommend arriving in Florida on the day of the cruise (Saturday, January 31). However, if you choose to travel to Fort Lauderdale on the day we sail, please be aware that, while the ship sails at 5:30 pm that afternoon, RCI requires all passengers to be on board 90 minutes prior, at 4 pm. Please allow yourself enough time to land, collect baggage, travel to the seaport, and go through the lines at the seaport so you can get on board by 4 pm. We would miss you if you couldn't make it. (And RCI does not wait for tardy passengers; if you're too late, the ship will sail without you.)

Additionally, for traveling home post cruise, RCI suggests you book flights no EARLIER than 1 pm on Sunday, Feb. 8. While the ship arrives in port very early (5:30 am), and disembarkation can begin very early, you should allow time for customs, collecting baggage, and possible travel delays (JCCC3 arrived slightly late two years ago; it happens).

Because we are traveling in winter, and weather can be unpredictable as many of us on JCCC3 learned the hard way, you may want to look into the possibility of getting trip insurance. There are numerous options available; one such option we can recommend is Travel Guard. Travel Guard provides coverage in the event of unforeseen trip expenses due to: trip cancellation, interruption and delay; involuntary job loss; emergency medical treatment and/or evacuation; lost, stolen or damaged baggage or travel documents; or baggage delay. Another advantage is that Travel Guard, unlike some plans, will cover your travel costs as well, not just the cost of the cruise itself.

You can follow this Travel Guard link for complete info and pricing; or you may call them directly at 1-800-454-7107. NOTE: when following the link, after entering your country and state/province of residence, choose CARIBBEAN in the destination drop-down menu. When entering your trip cost, be sure to include the cost of your travel.

OTHER NOTE: passengers who live in Minnesota, New Mexico and Texas cannot use the above link, and must call Travel Guard directly at 1-800-454-7107.

You are, of course, not required to get any travel insurance; nor are you required to go through Travel Guard. We just wanted you to be aware of its availability.


At last check there were 2 rooms left in our discount block at the Embassy Suites, and more at the Hilton Marina (which has a much larger room block—and staying at either will be an immensely good time). But they are disappearing fast, and for whatever reason, prices on hotel rooms in Fort Lauderdale have been going up more than in previous years. Don’t make us say “I told you so,” because we really hate saying that—[reserve your room now] (!


Very soon, The Management will be going on the site inspection cruise—wherein we travel on the same ship and same itinerary a few weeks prior to the actual cruise, during which we hold numerous meetings with the ship's staff and go over the schedule, technical and logistical requirements, etc. It's VERY HARD WORK and NO FUN AT ALL and we do it BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

If you have any questions about the ship, itinerary, ports of call, or anything JCC-related that we can get answered for you, you can submit your question via the following Google survey:



Some of you may notice that the new merchandise is labeled “JoCo Cruise” and “JoCo Cruise 2015” and that there's no “Crazy” there. This is because we are officially altering the name, mostly to reflect what most people call it anyway. (The official changeover won't occur until we roll out our new and improved website, which is happening Soon™.)

But please rest assured: the JoCo Cruise will still have the same wonderful people and fun and inclusive atmosphere and community, and will still be way awesome. And of course it will continue to clock in at the optimal amount of crazy.

AND FINALLY FINALLY…thank you to our benevolent, well-adjusted, and high-functioning sponsors, who are active partners who are helping us make JCC5 so wonderful that all our heads will asplode: Steve Jackson Games (JCC5’s Official Game Room sponsor!), Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, and ThinkGeek.

JCCC5: Delicious Suites and More! (XXXXXX) (Mon, 24 Nov 2014)

Ahoy me Sea Scoundrels:

This year we have noticed a significant uptick in bookings of certain cabin-types—we sold out of Owner's Suites (OS) and Grand Suites (GS) almost immediately after booking opened, as well as E1 balcony cabins, G outside cabins, and PR-type internal cabins.

The good news is that a small additional number of each of these cabin types have become available! We’ve also got some D1 balcony cabins at the rear of the ship (AWSUM VIEWZ!) and some great Junior Suites (JS) still available. (MOAR SPACE PLZ!)

We will make these cabin types available to you for a short period, before we must drop most of our unused JCCC5 cabin inventory on December 2nd.

This means two things to you:

  1. If you would like to upgrade to one of these cabin types, please contact us at and we’ll see what we can do for you! Inquiries will be first-come, first-served, so email us ASAP if you really want one of these cabins!
  2. If you have a friend who might be interested in coming along, or is currently on the fence about attending, now is the time for them to hop off the fence! (To be clear: they really should land on our side of the fence.) After December 2nd, available inventory will be GREATLY reduced.

No matter the accommodations, we cannot wait to see you onboard,


JCCC5: PreliminARRRy Cabin Assignment (XXXXXX) (Tue, 11 Nov 2014)

Greetings Seamonkeys!

We got more than 300 cabin placement requests from you and have really tried to satisfy them all. If it was listed, here's the info we had in our file about the cabin placement that you wanted:


We've placed you in stateroom #XXXX, a category XX stateroom on deck XX. And here's a note to you about the cabin you were assigned:

Hope they work out for you, please let us know if there's something else you'd prefer. We can look into other options if you prefer.

Here's a link to the RCI map for deck XX so you can take a look:

If you asked to be near a friend, email that friend to check if we got things properly sorted–we tried to accommodate all cabin-proximity requests unless the cabin types or our cabin allotment made that impossible. We favored getting people next to each other on the same deck or, failing that, on different decks near the same elevator.

If we missed something in your file or you really hate your cabin, please respond to this email by November 18 and we'll do our best to figure something out. If this is all gravy, congratulations, no action is required.

We're asking you to jump on this quickly because we want to get Royal Carribean confirmation numbers out to you (and the rest of the seamonkeys) as soon as possible so that you can start booking shore excursions and all that (smooth smooth) jazz.

All the best, Anna and the Booking Monkeys


JCCC5 Performer Lineup! (And a Few Other Things!) XXXXXX (Fri, 10 Oct 2014)

We're very happy to announce the initial Performer Lineup for JoCo Cruise Crazy 5!

  • Jonathan Coulton (duh.)
  • The Both - Aimee Mann & Ted Leo
  • Rhea Butcher
  • Cameron Esposito
  • Jean Grae
  • Paul and Storm

Plus Featured Guests*:

  • Steve Jackson
  • David Rees
  • John Roderick
  • Wil Wheaton

Pretty sweet, right? And we're still not done! We’ll be announcing more Performers and Guests in the coming weeks.

*Featured Guests will not have their own main stage performances; but they will host events, hold office hours, and will very likely appear as guests during other performers' shows and other Main Stage events.


For those arriving the day before the cruise (which we highly recommend), there are still some rooms available for the special JCCC rate at the fabulous Hilton Marina, where you will lounge in style. But they will sell out; if you decide to stay there, we recommend you act sooner than later.

Special pricing on shuttles is also available to those staying there and at the Embassy Suites; complete hotel and shuttle details can be found on our Travel and Accommodations web page, where you can also find other details on getting There and Back Again.


Everyone who signed up for the JCCC5 Onboard Booking Credit while sailing on JCCC4 should have received an email yesterday, confirming the current status of their booking credit. If you signed up for this while on JCCC4, but did not receive yesterday's email, please let us know ASAP and the Booking Minions will get you squared away.

And as always, many thanks to JCCC5’s magnanimous, dynamic, and nattily-dressed sponsors: Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, Greater Than Games, and ThinkGeek.

JCCC5: Your Pre-booking Deposit and Onboard Booking Credit Status (XXXXXX) (Thu, 09 Oct 2014)

Hi there!

You are the primary contact on a JCCC5 booking that was originally created while onboard JCCC4. After going through our records, we wanted to confirm the current status of the $100 per cabin “Onboard Booking Credit” you should receive for having booked while on board JCCC4. If you notice any errors or omissions or you have any questions, please write back to us and let us know! If everything below looks correct to you, then you're all set and there's no need to reply.

Here is the status of your onboard credit:

The onboard credit will be applied to the account of the guest named below.

The following people in your cabin made deposits onboard JCCC4. Please note that the person who originally filled out the pre-booking form onboard JCCC4 must still be on this specific JCCC5 booking in order to receive the Onboard Booking Credit; in addition, only one Onboard Booking Credit per JCCC5 cabin may be applied.


Thanks for looking over this and we can’t wait to see you onboard! If everything here looks correct to you, then you're all set and there's no need to reply.

The JoCo Cruise Dataset Reconciliation Monkeys

JCCC5 - September Update (XXXXX) (Tue, 16 Sep 2014)


A quick reminder that the JoCo Cruise Booking-o-tron 4000 with be sending notices out soon about the next deposit, which is an additional $325 per berth, due by October 2nd. Those who’ve already paid in full should not receive this notice.


Don't forget that we’ve arranged special deals at two Fort Lauderdale hotels for those arriving the day before the cruise (which we highly recommend), or who are planning to stay a day or two before or after. Rooms at the Embassy Suites are almost sold out. We have a larger block of rooms at the Hilton Marina, but those are becoming increasingly scarce as well. Special shuttle deals are also available to those staying at either hotel; complete hotel and shuttle details can be found on our Travel and Accommodations web page.

For JCCC5 we’re also happy to announce the return of sponsors Steve Jackson Games, Cards Against Humanity, and Greater Than Games. We thank them all for helping us continue to add to the fun on JoCo Cruise Crazy.

And of course we’ll have much more news for you…Soon™.

The Home Office

JCCC5: Hotels! (Fri, 18 Jul 2014)

Hello again, JCCC5 attendees.

Let’s get right to our very important announcement: the following will be the “official” hotels and special discounted rates for JCCC5 attendees:

To receive these JCCC-exclusive rates, you will use special, dedicated JCCC5-only web links that will be posted on the JCCC website’s Travel and Accommodations page starting at 1 pm EDT on this coming Tuesday, July 22. Complete hotel information—as well as special discount shuttle details—will be posted at that time.

NOTE: These rates are subject to availability; based on previous years’ experience, our dedicated blocks of rooms at both hotels will sell out quickly. Please plan accordingly.

You are, of course, not required to patronize either of these hotels in order to attend JCCC5; they’re “official,” not “mandatory.”

197 days!

The Home Office.

JCCC User Accounts and Your JCCC5 Booking (Wed, 04 Jun 2014)

As some of you have already discovered, the JoCo Cruie Crazy 5 User Account system is now officially fully operational! We’ll be adding more features in the future, but for now it will enable the main booking contact to:

  • Monitor and manage payments
  • Invite other passengers in the booking to create their own User Account
  • Edit users who have not already created an account for themselves

Not every Sea Monkey needs to have their own User Account; but having one will allow allows each individual to make payments directly to the booking, edit their guest information directly and, in the future, do things like purchase JCCC5 merchandise and respond to surveys.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • If you’re the main contact, log into your user account.
  • You’ll see the latest payment and current balance due on the account, as well as the names of everyone currently registered in your cabin.
  • When you click the “Edit” button next to a name slot (guests who already have a user account will not be editable and the edit button by their name will be disabled), you’ll have the option of either filling in the information for that person, or inviting them to create their own User Account.
    • If filling out information for your guest, you also have the option of indicating the guest is currently TBD and you will fill out the information later (which is handy if you’re planning to have a roommate, but don’t yet know who it will be).
    • If inviting a guest, an email will be sent to the address you provide, which will include a link for them to create their User Account.
    • After those new users create their accounts, the new information will appear when you log in
    • If you need to resend a user account invitation link, the link sent to your guest can be found on the page where you invited them

And that’s all there is to it! Of course please contact us if you’re having any issues with the new User Account system.

241 days,

The Home Office

JCCC5: Next Deposit Due; and Some Other Notes (XXXXX) (Thu, 29 May 2014)

Hello again, JCCC5 Sea Monkeys!

A few quick announcements for the end of May:

  • If, during the JCCC5 cabin selection process, you invited any other passengers to create a JCCC User Account (so that they could enter their personal information and/or make payments to the booking themselves), those invitations will go out this afternoon/evening. Once received, those additional passengers should be able to create a User Account that will automatically be associated with your booking, and they should be able to make payments at any time. We apologize for the delay in this process, and greatly appreciate everyone’s patience.
  • As a reminder, the next deposit of at least $250 per person in your booking is due today (Thursday, May 29). As of right now, according to our records, you currently do not have a balance due on your account . You can view your booking’s current minimum balance due and submit a payment by logging into your JCCC User Account.
    • NOTE: If you or another guest in your booking will have any issue with submitting their next deposit before the May 29th deadline (such as because they don’t receive their invitation until this evening), please let us know—or have them let us know—and we’ll work to remedy the situation. Don’t fret: if there’s an issue, nobody is going to immediately lose their reservation—we want you to be on JCCC5!
  • Today (Thursday, May 29) is the deadline for those who wish to cancel to receive a full deposit refund; all cancellations after that date will be subject to the applicable cancellation fees. Full details, including the cancellation fee schedule, are in the JCCC5 Cancellation Policy.

Also, a couple of policy clarifications:

  • The $75 per person Early Booking discount only applies to berths booked by May 27, 2014. If, for example, you’ve made a single person-occupancy booking and paid the deposit for a single passenger, then later (after May 27) add three more passengers, those three passengers will NOT receive the Early Booking discount. However, if you've booked a quad occupancy cabin and made the deposit for all four passengers, those passengers WOULD receive the Early Booking discount, regardless of when their passenger information is finally entered (i.e., “dummy” names count, so long as their deposits have been paid).
  • If two or more existing bookings are merged into a single booking, thiscounts as a cancellation of the “discarded” booking(s). If you are looking to do such a merge, you should look to get it done soon to avoid undue cancellation fees.

If you have any problems or questions regarding your booking or any of the above items, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

247 days,

The Home, Office

DON'T FORGET: JCCC5 Open Booking Begins May 12! (Mon, 12 May 2014)

Today (depending on your time zone and when you read this email) is the day! General public booking for JoCo Cruise Crazy 5 starts at 12 noon EDT on Monday, May 12, 2014! We expect many cabin types to sell pretty quickly; so you would do well to act fast for the best chance to get your preferred cabin type.

The booking engine has been rebuilt from the ground up in the past few months; while it should look familiar, it has also been somewhat simplified and made “smoother” all around, with many “under the hood” tweaks to make it purr like a metaphorical kitten. (All praise to Scarface, a.k.a. “He Who Codes”)

Booking your JCCC5 cabin will require a JCCC User Account. Everyone who sailed on JCCC4 should already have a User Account; otherwise, you will be prompted to create one during the booking process. (Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy.) If you have a JCCC User Account already but don’t remember what it is, or if you encounter any User Account problems while booking, please contact us ASAP and we’ll get you sorted out.

In the meantime, a walkthrough of the Booking and User Account process can be found on the appropriately-named How JCCC5 Booking and User Accounts Work page.

We look forward to seeing you as we ride together over the Briny Deep!

264 DAYS and counting!

The Home Office

JCCC5 'Firsties' Cabin Type Selection - May 6, 2014 (Tue, 06 May 2014)

Hello, Sea Monkey! If you’re receiving this email, you’re one of the (extremely smart and prudent) Sea Monkeys who signed up for JCCC5 via the Onboard Booking process while on JCCC4. Well, now is the time for action—specifically, to make your JCCC5 cabin type selection.

Here is the link you will follow to start the process:

This link will become active on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 5 pm EDT (actually about 5:06 pm).

Here’s a brief rundown of the process itself:

  • You’ll be prompted to log into your JCCC user account
  • You’ll be prompted to describe your party size, number of toddlers, and to confirm no one in your party will be too young (under 6 months old) or too pregnant (more than 24 weeks) to sail.
  • You’ll then select from a list of all the cabin types available for your party size.
  • You’ll then fill out basic personal information (name, contact info, etc.) for all passengers in your party. You will also have the option to either submit info for other passengers later on (if you don’t know who all your roommates will be yet—there won’t be any “placeholder/dummy names” this year), or to have them invited to set up their own JCCC User Account, where they will enter their own information. (You will need to know their email address for the latter option. Also note that User Account invitations for your guests will not go out right away/)
  • At the Checkout page, you can review all of your booking information, and go back to edit any section if necessary. In addition, you can enter your preference of bed orientation (the “main” bed in each cabin can be configured as one larger bed or two smaller beds). You may also enter any stateroom placement requests at this time. All “Firsties” placement requests will be processed before any general public placement requests.
  • The booking engine automatically calculates the total cost of your stateroom, including any applicable discounts (the Early Booking and Returning Monkey discounts).
  • You’ll then select the amount you wish to deposit at this time; when you click on “Checkout & Pay,” you’ll be taken to PayPal to process your deposit payment, using any major credit card or a PayPal account.

Please note that a total deposit of $250 per person is required upon completion of the cabin selection process. The initial $250 deposit you placed during the Onboard Booking process will be credited towards this amount. So, for example, if you’re in a double occupancy cabin, you must pay an additional $250 during cabin type selection, for a total of $500. The booking system will automatically make this calculation for you. (You may also deposit any additional amount, or pay your booking in full.)

You’ll also notice that your “$100 JCCC5 Cabin Credit” will appear as $0. That’s our way of acknowledging that it has been processed: it’ll appear in your stateroom account when JCCC5 sails, as opposed to the other discounts, which are applied now.

Please also note that an additional $250 per person deposit will be due by May 29, 2014. Your “Firsties” cabin selection must be completed by that date; if you have not done so by then, you will lose your “Firsties” status for any cabin placement requests. In addition, please note that general public booking opens on May 12, 2014; as such, if you haven’t processed your cabin selection by then, your preferred cabin type may not be available.

Thank you all again for your patience while we’ve gotten everything ready. We can’t wait to see you all back on the bounding main!


The Home Office

JCCC5 Firsties Booking: 5pm Eastern (Tue, 06 May 2014)

We're putting the finishing touches on the JCCC booking engine (racing stripes, ground effects, nitrous oxide booster, etc.) and doing some last minute testing. As a result, “Firsties” cabin type selection will not begin until 5pm EDT today (May 6, 2014). All “Firsties” Sea Monkeys will receive an email with a booking link and instructions ahead of time.

Please reply to this email if you have any questions and thank you for your patience. We can't wait for you to see the new site and to have you back with us on the high seas in 2015!

JCCC5: (Wed, 30 Apr 2014)


Thank you for booking a stateroom while onboard JCCC4! Cabin selection will open for “Firsties” (onboard bookers only) beginning MAY 6, 2014 at 12 noon EDT. We will be emailing all firsties a link to complete the cabin selection process and enter data for their guests (if you are still looking for a roommate, there will be an option to leave one of your guests blank). During the cabin selection process you’ll be prompted to log in to your JCCC User Account. At checkout, your existing onboard booking payment will be applied and you’ll be able to enter any special requests/issues—specific cabin placement (fore/aft, near elevators, near specific other Sea Monkeys, etc.), accessibility issues, and so forth.

All Onboard Booking cabin placement requests will be processed before any General Public requests. (So you're still getting first crack at cabins.) We appreciate everyone's patience while we've gotten everything “under the hood” ready for the JCCC5 booking process.

And speaking of the general public…


That's right; tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, former third grade teachers, casual acquaintances, and anyone else you can think of: general booking for JCCC5 will begin on May 12, 2014 at 12 noon EDT. We can't wait to make this the awesomest JCCC yet!

276 days to go!

The Home Office.


JCCC5 Booking Details (Tue, 15 Apr 2014)

Hello, Sea Monkeys past, present and future! We have ACTUAL NEW INFORMATION FOR YOU concerning JCCC5. So let's get right to it:

ROOM SELECTION AND GENERAL PUBLIC BOOKING IN MAY We are still doing some tinkering under the hood of the JCCC booking engine; as such, the original April 15th target for Early Booking “Firsties” room selection is being delayed just a bit.

Here is the updated JCCC5 booking schedule:

  • First week of May: JCCC5 “Firsties” cabin selection for all Sea Monkeys who signed up via Onboard Booking while on JCCC4. (This applies specifically to the users who filled out the Onboard Booking form, as the JCCC5 booking number and info will be tied to their user accounts. “Firsties” will have at least a week to make their cabin selections before general public booking begins.)
  1. When cabin selection opens, you’ll go to the appropriate page on (we will email everyone the link), and be prompted to log in to your JCCC user account. You’ll then enter your party size and select a cabin type to determine pricing, after which you’ll enter your payment info for the next deposit (see below), and check out. Voila!
  2. Please note that a deposit of $250 per berth will be due when cabin selection opens; the $250 deposit you placed during Onboard Booking will be counted towards this deposit amount. (For example: if you did Onboard booking and will be in a double occupancy room, you will need to deposit an additional $250 at the time of cabin selection.) You may also pay in full, or any amount in between.
  3. We promise to give everyone PLENTY of advance notice as to the specific date Firsties cabin selection begins.
  • Second/third week of May: JCCC5 booking opens to the general public. (Firsties will have at least a week to secure their cabins before general public booking begins.)
  • May 23: Last day for 100% refunds for cancellations.
  • May 29: Additional $250 per person deposit due.
  • October 2: Additional $325 per person deposit due.
  • November 10: Remaining balance on all bookings due.

During the JCCC4 presentation, we announced that you would be able to select your own cabin numbers via the booking engine this year. Unfortunately this will not be possible after all. You are, however, more than welcome to request specific cabin numbers during the cabin selection process or, like last year, you can request a general location (fore/aft/midships; near/far away from elevators; next door to specific other Sea Monkeys; etc.), and we will do our best to accommodate those requests.

Also note that as in previous years, it will take some time to process everyone’s cabin placement requests, as they must be dealt with manually, and reconciling the often-conflicting requests can be quite complicated. That said, all cabin placement requests from Onboard Booking Sea Monkeys will be processed before general public placement requests; so you will indeed get “first crack” and preferential cabin selection processing.


The complete JCCC5 Cabin Pricing Table has been posted Note that the prices listed there are BEFORE any applicable discounts, which are:

  • $75 per person for everyone who books on or before May 23rd
  • $35 per person for all returning Sea Monkeys (anyone who has attended any previous JCCC)
  • $100 per cabin JCCC5 room credit for all JCCC4 Sea Monkeys who signed up via Onboard Booking

Therefore, Sea Monkeys in a double occupancy cabin who signed up via JCCC4 Onboard Booking will see a total effective discount of $160 per person.

(NOTE: the prices listed are $21 higher than stated on JCCC4; we apologize for the difference, which was due to a math error on our part. Stupid math!)

We thank you, as always, for your patience and your enthusiasm. We already have a bunch of awesome things planned for JCCC5, and we can’t (but must!) wait to share it all with you.


The Home Office.

JCCC4: Official Schedule Released! And... JCCC5!?! (XXXXX) (Thu, 13 Feb 2014)


You’ve been waiting (mostly) patiently; and now your patience has finally paid off—here’s the Official JCCC4 Main Events Schedule!

(pause while everyone soaks it in)

You will notice that everyone’s favorite events from previous years are back again, including Karaoke Night, the JCCC Dance Party, Movie Night, and Celebrity Artemis. All shout hurrah!

You’ll also note that this year some of our events are “double features” (e.g., the Moustache Formal combined with Live Band Karaoke); and some events run late. Both are a result of this year’s slightly-compressed schedule. We understand that not everyone is a fan of late-night events, and we apologize to those of you who may lose some beauty sleep over the course of the week. But, heck: you’re all on vacation! Live it up!


If the above wasn’t enough good news for one email, we are ALSO pleased to announce the dates and itinerary for JoCo Cruise Crazy 5!

JoCo Cruise Crazy 5
Saturday, January 31 - Sunday, February 8, 2015
on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas
An 8-night cruise, from Ft. Lauderdale to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico and Labadee

Why are we telling you this now? Well, partly because we’re excited; but also because this year, the ONLY opportunity to “pre-book” JCCC5 (before booking opens to the general public) will be for JCCC4 Sea Monkeys (that’s you guys!), during JCCC4 itself. (There will be no secondary, post-cruise pre-booking period.) So check your calendars and make your plans and arrangements now!

More details about the JCCC5 pre-booking process and various discounts available—including a new cabin credit only available to those who book onboard JCCC4—can be found here:

Further JCCC5 booking details and pricing info will be announced on JCCC4. Can you wait? WE CANNOT!

(NOTE: as in all previous years, JCCC5 can ONLY be booked through JCCC; you MAY NOT book directly through RCI or any third parties and still participate in the exclusive JCCC5 activities. No exceptions.)

Finally, turbothanks to our upstanding, sagatious, and stately sponsors for helping us whip up several different kinds of Awesome for JCCC4: Cards Against Humanity, Steve Jackson Games, and ThinkGeek, Mystery Brewing, and Greater Than Games.

SOON™…has officially become VERY SOON™!

The Home Office

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